5 reasons why smart marketers use Spaceship

Posted by Jean from Spaceship on Jun 27, 2017 10:18:16 AM
Jean from Spaceship

Conceptualising and planning for an event can be overwhelming, especially when d-day is approaching and every one is in their own scramble. You have 10 vendors to liaise with, a messy storeroom which you have been procrastinating to enter and that thing at the back of your mind but you just can't figure out what. You're a mess and so is your desk. At this point, you're just hoping for a kind soul to come in and miraculously organise your event, your mind and your desk in an instant. Guess what? Spaceship is the answer to all your prayers.

Smart marketers use Spaceship and you should too. Here's why.

5 reasons why marketers use our full service business solutions

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They get more done

Our to do list only gets longer and longer with each passing day and a lot of our time and attention is wasted on mundane, trivial task that just needs to get done. This includes packing for an event, counting the number of functioning easel stands in the storeroom and labelling every box with its contents. However, our smart marketers know better, they know that by outsourcing these errands to someone else, they can get more valuable work done in the same period of time or less.

Spaceship's inventory management solution provides picking up of your items from your office and cataloguing it online for you. We will count and upload the number of each items that you are storing with us which makes it easier for you to select the items you want to get sent to your event location on the day of your campaign. Our professional movers don't just drop off your items, they are experienced in setting up events props and booths too.

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They have more space

The best part of corporate events is that you get to conceptualise and design new branded assets either for your company or an external one. Seeing it go from sketches to production to being on set definitely draws pride and attachment to the collateral. It's difficult to part with even if you don't need them anymore. For most of us, the justification is simple - "let's keep it for future reference!" or "you'll never know when we can reuse it." However, these physical treasures often occupy too much space in the office, resulting in executives having to climb over boxes or crawl under structures to find what they are looking for. When the office storeroom can't fit anymore, our dear collaterals start to overtake our desk space. #truestory

Spaceship's business storage solution makes any office bigger by being the office outside of your office. As mentioned, your items will be digitally catalogued, allowing you to browse through your design assets in the comfort of your chair and retrieving an item is as easy as tapping on your phone. Smart marketers then get to utilise the additional space to hold company cohesion events or even create an casual space for coworkers to seek inspiration whenever they get a mental block.

Did you know that taking 5 minutes break every hour allows your brain to re-energise and gives you a sense of renewed purpose towards your task. So get that space and that break and watch just how much more you achieve.

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They save money

As more businesses adopt the asset light model, many are choosing not to own their own vehicles and hiring external vendors instead. To reap the economies of scale, most vendors focus one simple core competency or offering. For example, gogovan is an on demand moving service that has a network of freelance contractors that is on standby for any one that needs a transportation vehicle. Therefore, most marketers will have to hire different vendors for moving, storage and setting up.

Smart marketers, on the other hand, use Spaceship flexible valet storage solution. They save money as they only pay for the amount of space they take up in the warehouse or van, making pricing competitive and reasonable. In addition, they only have to pay one vendor (Spaceship) to deliver and store, capitalising on the cost savings of an integrated service.

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They don't get back aches anymore

Branded design assets can be heavy. Moving them from one spot to another and then putting them back again can be an extremely strenuous task. Sometimes, it feels like full body workout in your pressed structured dress. Not cool, totally not cool.

Spaceship's business delivery solutions help smart marketers carry and move heavy and bulky items (up to 25kg per person) so that they don't have to. Our trained movers know how to wrap and transport items efficiently. In the event that an item is too bulky, our storage specialist are equipped with the necessary skills to disassemble and re-assemble bigger structures effortlessly.

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They go home earlier

What comes out must eventually go back in. At the end of every corporate event, especially when it is held at a hotel ballroom, the tear down and packing is done almost immediately. More often than not, a responsible marketer will stay behind to pack and supervise to ensure all of the company's assets are properly kept and safely brought back to the office.

By engaging Spaceship's valet storage service, smart marketers only have to ensure that all that is going back to the warehouse is loaded onto the Spaceship truck. Our warehouse supervisors will then document with photo and assign a tracking code to every item that arrives at the our secure storage facility. Saving them at least 30 minutes of their time for each event. Assuming there's an event every week, she/he will save 52 weeks x 30 minutes, a massive 1560 minutes which works out to be exactly 26 hours. They would have saved more than an entire day!

Want to join the club of smart marketers? Get a free quotation today by emailing us at sales@spaceship.com.sg or call us at +65 6220 0126.

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