5 Ways to Organise Office Mess

Posted by Jean from Spaceship on Jun 6, 2017 11:03:46 AM
Jean from Spaceship

We've all struggled with maintaining the appearances of our office spaces, especially when schedules get tight and deadlines are looming. Most of us get pretty busy at work and naturally, organisation slides to the bottom of our to-do list. 

Neglecting the tidiness and attractiveness of your office space may not seem like a big problem, but it can have negative consequences - ones that you may have never thought of before. According to Japanese tidying expert Marie Kondo, her famous KonMari method advocates: Keep only what "sparks joy," discard everything else, and assign a home for everything within your home. This can be applied to your office items too.

As offices are shared space, we must respect our colleagues privacy and their personal space. Therefore, clear out items that you do not need or does not "spark joy" when you see or hold tem. 

Easier said than done? Luckily for you it only requires a spare of thirty minutes each day to get your office space organised. Make this routine a habit and soon you will be experiencing decluttered office days of higher work productivity!

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Simple Steps Toward Decluttering

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Routinely purge your office 

When it comes to decluttering, the question that most of you would have would be "How do you decide what to trash?". The key idea is to start from the default position of "Everything must go". You need to shift your mindset from someone who keeps things to someone who gets rid of things. 

Look at every object in terms of "Is this useful? Have I been using it?" If your answer is no, then it's time for it to go. By the end of this, you'll be surprised by the amount of things in your office that you've been keeping but don't need at all. 

Another way is to establish limits. Set limits on the amount of stuff you'll tolerate from the beginning. For instance, when it comes to filing once your cabinet gets full, it's time to de-file, getting rid of paperwork you no longer need. Purging your office helps to make sure that you keep only what is needed and you'll get to enjoy a clutter-free working environment in no time. 
Organize your supplies 

As suggested by Sara Skillen, founder of Skillet Organising in Nashville Tenn, "Put all of your offices supplies that are on your desk or near your desk in a box. For a week, track the items you pull from the box and pay attention to the items that you use frequently."

This gives you a better idea of the things that should be on your table, in your drawers or stored away in your cabinet. It's best to keep only things you need immediately or frequently within the radius of your arms. 


Do you spend more time looking for documents, supplies or your laptop charger than you do working? If you do, one highly possible reason is because you don't remember where to look for them. As a result, we might end up turning our office into an even bigger mess. 

That's where labelling comes in. 

Start by choosing a label maker that is simple to use. Take the time to label your shelves, drawers, files, and bins. Not only will it remind you where things are stored, it also helps others who need to find or return something to your office. This helps to keep your office space organised and saves a lot of time; time which can be spent on more productive means. 
Setting Aside Time 

Getting too held up with work, you may find it difficult to find time to clean up your office. But if you would ask yourself "How much of this time was spent looking for things you needed?" Or some of you may not even realise how the mess around you is affecting your productivity at work.

Setting aside time to reorganise your office space can help save greater time in the future. Being organised is being in control.

You will find it easier to look for things you need around the office. Likewise, with a less cluttered environment it helps to free up your mind and boost levels of productivity. No matter how busy it gets at work, remember to always set aside time for decluttering. 

Establish Work Zones 

Think back to your kindergarten school. Everything was divided into zones. You have the reading corner, napping area and play area and everything that was needed within the "play area" such as toys and a playground were located within that zone.An office space can work the same way.

Start by setting up different work zones in your office and organise the tools needed to complete tasks within each specific zone. For instance, within the "Copy Zone" you would need paper, staplers, available surfaces to assemble documents and probably printer toners.

Additionally, do consider the adjacency of zones as some zones may not compliment each other. For example, it would not be wise to have the "Copy Zone' next to the "Conference Zone" as it can be disruptive between meetings. 

Understand How Spaceship Storage Can Help 

Somtimes the problem doesn't just lie in having to get things organised in the office but rather there is simply just not enough storage space. That's where we at Spaceship can help. 

Here at Spaceship we provideaffordable valet storage services be it for documents, supplies and even furniture. You may be looking for temporary storage space to place items which you haven't decided how to deal with. We can help you store those items until you sort out what to do with them. All we require from you is to take some time to sort out your items and we'll handle the rest. If you think that starting afresh is the way to go, let us handle with too with our moving and disposal service

To the very least, these items will be out of your sight and you will be relieved of the burden of facing a cluttered office environment everyday. 

We deliver free boxes for you to store the items you want to store away. We can also provide pick-up services for a minimal fee. And once you want your items back, we can deliver them to you at any time.

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