5 Ways Valet Storage Can Help You Get a Minimalist Home in SG

Posted by Mingxiu Ho on May 2, 2017 11:08:57 AM

Our society today values materials possession so much that we tend to keep accumulating stuff we don’t always need.

When someone posts a picture about their new stuff in social media, we feel left out and buy some glamorous item ourselves which we really don’t need.

Plus, today’s advertising is themed to often make us believe we need something which we really don’t. People have forgotten the value of the saying ‘less is more’. Minimalism may not seem like a popular lifestyle, but it does remove a lot of unnecessary stress and distraction from our lives.

And no, it isn’t about fitting all your worldly possessions in a small bag, it’s about decluttering your life so you can live with a focused purpose and more peace.

According to Becoming Minimalist blogger, Joshua Becker, “minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value, and the removal of anything that distracts us from it.”

So, how exactly do we convert to a minimalist lifestyle and what are the benefits of turning over this new leaf?

Simple Steps Toward Minimalism

Examine your priorities

The first step towards a simple lifestyle is to take a step back and do some reflection and observation. Examine your space, your lifestyle, your possessions and your attitude.

Do you have many versions of a single item?
Do you really need all of those?
Are you already having trouble finding space in your home for your new purchases?
Do you have clothes you actually forgot you owned or maybe clothes that don’t fit you anymore?
Are there any items in your bedroom that’s gathering dust from not being used?

Taking this first step to reflect on these questions can help you make the next move towards a decluttered lifestyle.

Start decluttering every area of your home

To be a minimalist is to learn to live with less. While this change can be overwhelming to someone who is used to having a lot, the end point will be rewarding. The good news is, to begin is the most difficult part, the rest after that comes easy.

Reexamine the answers to your questions:
Do you have multiple versions of an item?
Go ahead and chuck out the excess.
Do you have clothes you barely use or don’t fit anymore?

Box them and perhaps donate them.

Are there books or magazines that are gathering dust because you barely notice them anymore? They go in a box too.

The process may start to begin fun after the start, and you may already feel a sense of freedom as you go along.

Don’t skip on the bulky items as well. If you see any of your furniture that’s barely used or useful to you at all, don’t feel guilty about taking it out as well.

Think before making a purchase

This way, you would have less to declutter in the future. Another key to living with less is to stop accumulating more.

Before you buy those new pair of shoes you see by the window of the store, ask yourself, are you buying it because you don’t have a pair to wear anymore or are you buying it just because of the big red tag that says ‘50% off’.

Just because something is on sale or you think is a good bargain doesn’t necessarily mean you’re saving money. Especially if it’s something you don’t really need, then no matter how big the discount is, it’s still useless spending.

The Benefits of Turning Minimalist

Less hassle of cleaning

Once you’ve started getting rid of your unnecessary stuff, you will have less to clean. You can even use the extra time you once used for cleaning for more important things. Like spending more time with your family or a hobby you are passionate about.

Saving more money by spending less

Once you’ve adapted the mindset that less is more and you stop being obsessed about accumulating items just for the sake of having, you will begin to notice just how much money you’re saving.

And you can use that money for other more important matters. 

How Spaceship Storage Can Help

We at Spaceship provide affordable storage space for rent which can help you with your minimalistic lifestyle project. There may be items you want to let go of, but for sentimental reasons, don’t want to sell or really throw out.

Read more: /what-is-valet-storage

You may also find things you want to give away or sell but have yet to find a taker or buyers. We can help you store those items until you sort out what you want to do with them.

To the very least, they will be out of sight from your home and you can enjoy the freedom of living with less.

We give out free boxes where you can store the things you want to let go. We even deliver these boxes for free. And if you want us to pick them up, we can do so for a minimal fee. And once you want your items back, we can deliver them to you at any time.

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