6 Reasons Why Local Businesses Need More Storage Space

Posted by Mingxiu Ho on May 2, 2017 11:00:31 AM

If you work in an office, you would notice how stuff seem to accumulate in your office really quickly. There are old files and office furniture that pile up and somehow, you can’t seem to dispose them.

Office space is expensive. You have many other uses for your office space other than storing old files and furniture. It is times like this that you can consider the services of storage warehouses.

This is how storage warehouses can help your office:

It can store your archived documents 

As the years go by, your office is bound to get piles and piles of documents which you can’t throw. Old financial reports, performance appraisals, and employees record files.

Governmental laws require you to keep them for a period of time even if you don't need it anymore. 

Although we are living in the digital age where we can host our documents online, companies still feel secure holding original copies of the documents, especially if they are important contracts.

Storage warehouses provide a safe environment to store them and keeps your office decluttered. 

A place to store old furniture before selling

Every few years, you will need to upgrade your furniture and fittings. Old file cabinets might have to be replaced with bigger ones. Same goes for furniture.

Old desks, chairs and pantry supplies may have to be replaced to keep your office looking new and presentable.

Not all replacements would require disposal, especially if these items can generate income by selling them, or if there is a possibility to reuse them in the future. Storage warehouses will help you keep these furniture while you find a buyer.

Easy storage for stock items

If you’re in retail or in the business of selling items, then a warehouse for rent will help store your stocks on hand. This is especially helpful if you are a startup who can’t afford to rent/buy your own warehouse just yet.

This saves you the time needed to frequently contact your supplier. Since you are able to buy more in bulk, you will be able to serve your customers faster and won’t have to make them wait.

Also, since you are renting a warehouse as a service, you won’t have to do the physical labour in the warehouse. Your items will be delivered at your doorstep with just a call.oolll

Storage for when you need to relocate

Several factors can actually force you to move your office to another location. Warehouse storage could be available on demand to aid you in relocation or expansion.

Having a rented warehouse can safe keep both your files and your furniture as you go through with the moving process. Your move can proceed without much hassle for you.

You can start packing up, have them pick up all your stuff, and then have them deliver it to your new office.

Safekeeping with insurance

Storage facilities do offer insurance for the items that you store, insuring for fire and theft etc. This makes storage warehouses pretty safe for your items.

You do not have to worry about your belongings.

Take a Look at Spaceship Storage's Business Package

Let us help you with your storage needs. Be it documents, furniture, or bulky items, we have the solution for your storage needs. You can choose from a price plan that suits you.

You can choose to pay per square feet or per box, depending on the plan you choose. We deliver the boxes to you free of charge. 

And, anytime you want your items back, we can deliver them back to you.

You can even manage your stuff online as your boxes are digitally inventoried. Plus, you could worry less about theft and fire as your items are insured for up to $500.


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