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Do you notice this Easter 2018 falls on April 1 when you will be having a long weekend with your kids on their school holiday? This definitely makes it a weekend worth planning for. Whenever people think about Easter, so many of them conjure up images of colourful eggs and hot cross buns, which have been the universal themes of Easter. Therefore, let’s fully immerse ourselves in these Easter traditions this year. Your kids may just love it.

Easter 2018: Top 5 Activities to Do with Kids in Singapore

Easter activity with kids - rabbit bunny couple

#1 Try Singapore ’s best hot cross buns for Easter 2018

A little background of Easter hot cross buns

We all know that Easter celebrates the resurrection of Christ which falls on a Sunday between 21 March and 25 April each year. As such, hot cross buns, which are sweet buns with a white or yellow cross on the top, can have rich Christian meanings. 

"You have got the bread, as per the communion, you have got the spices that represent the spices Jesus was wrapped in in the tomb, and you have got the cross." 

-- Steve Jenkins, Church of England spokesman

Easter activity with kids - Joe Dough Easter buns

Salted egg yolk charcoal buns from Joe and Dough

Hot cross buns are popular in Singapore and can be commonly found in bakeries. Yet if you are on the mood for something special or unique this Easter, you may really want to consider Joe and Dough for their one-of-its-kind salted egg yolk charcoal hot cross buns. The bun is so fluffy and soft as if it would melt in your mouth. And the rich warm egg yolk liquid sits nicely inside the bun, adding extra multiple layers of taste and texture to it.

Their classical hot cross bun is also awesome choice, with its warm spices of cinnamon, nutmeg and studded raisins and citrus peel.

Try it to believe it.

Easter activity with kids - organic hot cross buns

Egg-free dairy free Easter hot cross buns from Bud of Joy

If you are more into organic products, Bud of Joy is a great choice. Featuring wholemeal bread made from organic ingredients, this local bakery is offering egg-free-dairy-free-yet-still-soft hot cross buns for vegans and the like.


#2 Make Easter Hot Cross Bun with Kids (It’s fun & easy!)

Kids all love doing it themselves, especially with flour and dough this time :D. Make the day for your kids (and yourself too of course) by baking yummy hot cross buns. Meanwhile, you are actually imparting life’s precious general knowledge to them.

To make your baking day with kids a success (yeah, we fully understand things with kids can…go wrong), here are the steps to guide you through. And we trust you can do it :)


Ingredients need for Easter Hot Cross Bun 

  • 4 cups plain flour.
  • 2 x 7g sachets dried yeast.
  • 1/4 cup caster sugar.
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons mixed spice.
  • pinch of salt.
  • 1 1/2 cups currants.
  • 40g butter.
  • 300ml milk.
  • 2 eggs, lightly beaten.

Step 1

Heat up milk till lukewarm and stir in the yeast. Ideally, milk should not be too hot to kill yeast, nor too cold to fail to activate the yeast.

Meanwhile tell kids that yeast is alive and just observe their excited sparkling eyes!

Step 2

Get kids weigh out the flour and mix in the spices and sugar.

You can ask your kids to smell each spice and what they smell like. If you are baking traditional Easter hot cross buns, the cinnamon can always evoke memories of Christmas!

Then, you can add in melted butter, eggs, fruits, spices and yeasty milk before stirring them well. 

Step 3

Kneading time. Though adults may frown at the idea of kneading nonstop for 10 minutes, your angle is now the best assistant in the world and they can never get too tired of this (or their curiosity and excitement make them forget about tiredness).

Make sure their hands are clean and show to them basic acts for stretching, bashing and folding. After that, close your eyes and leave the whole world to them.

Step 4

When the dough is soft and springy, leave it to rise for one hour. 

The experience seeing dough growing so much in size would amaze your kids. You may explain to them how it works.

Step 5

Make small buns out of the dough together with kids.

It is all right if your kids cannot make well-shaped buns as long as they are of similar size (so they need a similar amount of baking time in the oven). They will cherish buns they make themselves no matter in what shape. And we cherish their efforts too.

Step 6

Bake in the oven for 20 minutes at 200 C. Enjoy your kids’ voyage Easter hot cross bun!


#3 Colour Easter eggs (Too pretty to eat)

A symbol of rebirth and new life, coloured eggs are a must for Easter. Let’s bring the colour and the festive mood to eggs!

Easter activity with kids-colourful Easter eggs

Make marbeleized hard eggs

  • White eggs (brown eggs work too but the final colours may be less vibrant)
  • Food colouring
  • White vinegar
  • Cooking oil
  1. Boil eggs for 10 minutes till fully hardened. Then peel off eggshells
  2. Prepare paints of various colours by mixing 1 part food colouring, 1 part oil and 1 part white vinegar. Oil is to create marble effect while the vinegar helps intensify colours.
  3. Color eggs by dipping them in any portion of their sizes in a paint. Then lift them up to dry with a napkin before dipping them into another paint.
You can create an exhibition of coloured Easter eggs to amaze your kids and family when they eat it for breakfast or dinner. Easter activities with kids - color Easter eggs

Make naturally coloured soft eggs

If you prefer homemake natural colouring, here is how. 

  • Orange slices with the peel on and carrots (orange color)
  • Blueberries (blue color)
  • Spinach leaves (green color)
  • Red grapes and strawberries (pink color)

#4 Buy Chocolate Eggs (Another way to go EGG-cellent this Easter)

Easter activities with kids - chocolate eggs

If you like chocolate eggs more than eggs, here is a tip when you choose chocolate: read carefully into the ingredients of chocolate and pick those with less sugar and artificial ingredients - simply because your family and your kids will be eating it.

Here is a list of ingredients you may want to avoid or reduce in your chosen Easter chocolate eggs.

    • Fruit extracts
    • Vanillin
    • Hydrogenated oils like palm oil, soybean oil and other trans fats
    • Questionable oils like Sucralose, aspartame and saccharin
    • Sweeteners with clinically found side effects like maltitol, polyglycerol, xylitol, inulin and sorbitol

I happened to find Hellochocolate who sells craft chocolates made from more natural ingredients and won the best chocolate title for international chocolate awards 2017 & 2016. From a revolutionary chocolatier as they are, you will get unique artisanal chocolates like raw chocolate with Spirulina as well as fruits and nuts chocolate eggs.

Expect to see how your kids will be amazed by these yummy and healthy Easter chocolate eggs.


#5 Have fun in Easter egg hunting

Easter activity with kids - Easter egg hunt

Easter eggs would not make your Easter complete. Easter egg hunt would. Among so many Easter egg hunts in Singapore, here are 3 great picks by Spaceship.

The Polliwogs Easter egg hunt

More Info: here


  • 4.30pm - 5pm
    Easter Special Show with series of Easter games

  • 5pm - 5.30pm
    Commencement of Grand Easter Egg Hunt @ Play Arena

  • 5.30pm - 5.45pm
    Prize Presentation

  • Special prize: a FREE return visit to The Polliwogs or Waka Waka

  • Special amenity: Easter Crafts available every Tues - Fri in March, FREE with paid entrance!


Venue, Date & Time

The Polliwogs @ Eastpoint Mall

4.30PM - 5.30PM, 23Mar 2018


The Polliwogs @ Suntec City

4.30PM - 5.30PM, 16Mar 2018


The Polliwogs @ VivoCity

4.30PM - 5.30PM, 23Mar 2018


Waka Waka by The Polliwogs (annex@furama)

4.30PM - 5.30PM, 1Apr 2018


Kranji Countryside Farmers’ Market at Easter

Date & Time: 12PM, 31Mar 2018 - 4PM, 1Apr 2018

Venue: The Nyee Phoe, 240 Neo Tiew Crescent, Singapore

More Info: here 


  • More than 50 local Farmers and artisans
  • Singapore's fresh produce
  • Farm to table Makan
  • Fun family activities
  • Asian pavillion
  • Easter egg hunt

Easter Farmers Market at Loewen Gardens

Date & Time: 9AM–2PM, 17March 2018 

Venue: 75E Loewen Road, Singapore 248844

More Info: here 


  • Vendor sales of organic vegetables, olive oil, wine and baked goods
  • Body Temple's FREE family workout at 9.30AM
  • Easter egg hunt at 10AM-12PM
  • Trampoline, playground, face painting and easter colouring for the kids
Why not invite your friends over for an Easter egg hunt at home?

Easter egg hunt can be a time for friend gathering, too. If your time allows, why not host an Easter egg hunt with the beautiful eggs you make? When your and your friend's kids have fun scouting the whole house for eggs, it is also your time to catch up with your friends about their life's happenings. How wonderful!

Declutter your house for Easter

An Easter egg hunt sounds like a brilliant idea! Yet, it may not be so if you have much clutter at home. To prepare for a wonderful Easter with kids and your friends, let's start early for house cleaning. There tools from Ikea are helpful for organising your space at home.

Alternatively, you may engage external storage service who at the same time can help pack and transport your items without your spending much efforts. This is definitely a wonderful choice since preparing the eggs and hosting the friend gathering can consume so much of your time and energy! 

If that sounds great for you, Spaceship Storage is here to help you make your day. To offer most convenience to customers, Spaceship always complements storage service with packing and delivery service, so you can schedule item storage and collection at home with few taps on the phone.



Easter is coming. Let's make it memorable for your kids and yourself too with these tips:

  1. Try one of the best Easter hot cross buns in Singapore at Joe and dough or bud of joy.
  2. Make Easter hot cross buns with kids
  3. Colour Easter eggs
  4. Buy healthy chocolate eggs
  5. Have fun in Easter egg hunts

Wish you an EGG-cellent Easter with kids this year!

Photo Credit: Two Easter Bunnies | Joe and Dough buns | Bud of Joy buns | Easter Egg Hunt

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