A sneak peek into our storage warehouses

Posted by Jean from Spaceship on Sep 29, 2017 11:00:17 AM

To make warehouse storage affordable, we have remove all the cost that is associated with creating self-storage units. Our warehouse are not accessible 24/7 and you will not have a personal biometric access. It's a shared warehouse storage space where each users items are labelled and stored on organised pallets. Whenever you need your items, our space trooper aka exper mover will re-shuffle the pallets to get yours out for delivery. This way, Spaceship can optimise the space used, lowering the cost per square feet for you and your wallet. Unlike other warehouse storage rental, we allow you to retrieve your items when ever you need them and there's no specific lock in period. It's a win win! 

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Temporary Warehouse Storage in Singapore

Posted by Jean from Spaceship on Jun 20, 2017 2:46:03 PM

Warehouse storage is easy to find in Singapore. There are plenty of options when it comes to temporarily housing your office furniture, shop's inventory or just your regular items that don't seem to fit in the crevasses of your residential space anymore.Warehouse storage is also available islandwide. Do note though that warehouse storage rates are generally pricer in the East. Cheaper options tend to reside in the outer parts of Singapore like Bukit Batok or Woodlands.

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Business Storage Services For Your Product Startup

Posted by Mingxiu Ho on May 2, 2017 11:06:20 AM

Many millennials have gotten inspired from the big guys of technology and has taken a leap from employment to creating their own startups.

We are dominated by technology nowadays and many people take advantage of the perks of the modern world to create or sell their services or items.

To enter entrepreneurship is a big decision. It’s a road filled with uncertainties, but nevertheless, the rewards are also worth it when managed correctly. To start a business requires a lot of thought and resources.

Meaning, it can not only require a lot of study, but it can be expensive as well.

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