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Posted by Jean from Spaceship on Sep 29, 2017 11:00:17 AM

To make warehouse storage affordable, we have remove all the cost that is associated with creating self-storage units. Our warehouse are not accessible 24/7 and you will not have a personal biometric access. It's a shared warehouse storage space where each users items are labelled and stored on organised pallets. Whenever you need your items, our space trooper will re-shuffle the pallets to get yours out for delivery. This way, Spaceship can optimise the space used, lowering the cost per square feet. Unlike other warehouse storage, we allow you to retrieve your items when ever you need them and there's no specific lock in period. It's a win win!

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For security reasons, our warehouse is not accessible to the public. We understand that for people who are looking for long term storage for their kitchen equipments, vintage collectibles, etc, being about to view the warehouse storage space gives them a ease of mind. Therefore, if you would like to view our Tai Seng warehouse, you can book an appointment with our sales representation at +6562200126. We'll be happy to show you around.  

If you're looking for short term warehouse storage solutions. We have come up with a time efficient way for you to view our warehouse! See the photos below for a sneak peek into Spaceship's available warehouse space. 

Do note, your items may not be stored at your chosen warehouse. We will transport your items to the warehouse that is enroute to our pick ups and deliveries that day. 

Spaceship Warehouse Storage 

Warehouse 1 

over 30000 sq ft of storage space

Over 30, 000 square feet of warehouse storage space.

Items stored on individual pallets

Items are organised in rows. 

Zanial - Warehouse head of security

A day's work.

Spaceship box storage - 15 sq feet

Every pallet is wrapped with film wrap to minimize effects of surrounding environment.

Box labels for easy tracking.jpg

Every box is labelled and entered digitally into our systems so that our users will know the items that is stored with us. 

Warehouse 2 

Secure air conditioned storage facility.jpg

Retail warehouse storage space 


Send your goods directly to our warehouse and we will pick an pack each order for you. 

Security officers at warehouse.jpg

On-site security officers. 

Spaceship does valet storage to make storage affordable for all. 

  • Save on admin fees - we do not charge you any.
  • No security deposit - we just guarantee it. Every storage plan is covered up to $500 against fire and theft. 
  • Save 20% when you pay up front for 12 months. 

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Need to get warehouse storage space? Call us at +65 6220 0126 or see more here.

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