Things to Consider When Choosing a Storage Provider

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Storage service is making modern life amazingly easier! Expats can save on lease during overseas missions. Office managers can enjoy more office space with less documents piling up in the cabinets. Merchandisers can save on extra hands with inventory and goods delivery properly managed. All these are made possible with valet storage.

However, among so many storage companies in Singapore, which one is the right one for you? Think through these factors on safety, cost and convenience that before committing to a storage provider.

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Things to Consider when Choosing a Storage Provider 

1. Safety and Security

We store what matters to us (sometimes it matters a lot). Therefore, we want storage facility to be secure and be able to keep our items in good conditions. Ask these crucial questions before you engage any storage providers.



  • How are your items kept safe?
  • Is there 24/7 CCTV?
  • Are there security officers standby in case technology fails?   
- Spaceship serves all of these to give you peace of mind :)



  • Are you storing sensitive items that require climate control? Typical items in this category are
    • Musical instrument (temperature control is MUST)
    • Artwork
    • Wooden and leather furniture (to avoid cracking, warping, rotting, discoloring)
    • Special collections eg. cois, stamps, wines
    • Documents and photos (to avoid discoloring)
    • More examples and explanations here
  • How much is the extra charge for climate control service?
  • What is temperature range in control?
  • Is there high humidity?

- Spaceship has both air-conditioned storage facility and room temperature warehouses. 
As storage experts, we can tell you that most items do not require air-conditioned storage, especially for those who are renovating or relocating. Our warehouses are well ventilated to keep the humidity out. Your items are stored in a sheltered warehouse where it's further filmed wrapped to minimise interactions with moisture in the air. 


Insurance and others

  • Is complementary insurance provided?
  • How much and what does insurance cover?
  • Is there pest control?

- Spaceship is among rare companies in Singapore which offer free insurance ($500 in Spaceship) against theft and fire and practices strict pest control.



We want to reduce cost as much as possible!

Let’s examine 2 common thinking about storage cost a bit deeper:

  • Is self-storage cheaper than valet storage, because transportation is handled by our own logistics team?
  • Are promotions like “$1 Move in”, “30% off the first month” really great deal? 


Self Storage vs Valet Storage

Self-storage is NOT always cheaper! 

On the one hand, self-storage providers incur extra cost compared to their valet counterparts since they have to (1) partition facilities into small spaces, (2) install biometric devices, (3) ensure facilities are more accessible by customers than valet storage facilities.

On the other hand, valet storage providers usually have dedicated moving team and can cut cost to minimum for customers. We actually can enjoy most convenience at great value. More about valet storage service and its rates in Singapore here.



Storage servicers usually lure customers in with low initial costs such as “$1 Move in”, “first 2 months free with minimum 6 months of storage”. When we move in and the switching cost becomes painful, we may have to bear high subsequent rentals that offset initial discounts.

- Spaceship did a comprehensive analysis of storage prices in Singapore and found that Spaceship 6-month package with extra transportation service is even cheaper than promotional packages of its self-storage counterparts. Check out here.


Share Space

There is a way truly can save cost, though seldom mentioned: share space!

It is the universal rule of business that more product or service you use, the lower rate you will get. Therefore, find some trustworthy friends to store together and enjoy better rates!


2. Convenience

We all want to have storage experience that cater to our needs. That’s why we should choose storage services smartly with these questions.



  • Does customer service respond to inquiries immediately?

If the company offers professional moving service,

  • How fast can delivery be arranged?
  • Does delivery come on-time?

  Imagine a case when we need to fetch important documents for our meeting today but delivery can only come tomorrow. We can well get around this problem with a bit more checking beforehand.

- Customer service is of central concern to Spaceship. It responds to customer inquiries immediately and offers same-day delivery for requested items.



  • Finding proper packaging materials can cost time and money. Does company offer free or low-cost packaging materials like boxes and tapes?
  • How and when can we get the packaging materials?
  • Some items such as furniture, glass and electronic appliance require complicated wrapping. Does the company offer free professional help?

Spaceship provides free drop off of complimentary carton boxes at scheduled time to most benefit customers. Better still, it offer standard wrapping service for all plans.


Item collection, tracking and others

  • How can I request item collection? By phone, email or online inventory system?
  • How is item collection charged?
  • How do I make payment?

Spaceship provides handy online inventorising system where you can schedule collection of particular items, make payment and receive notifications of storage updates on the go. Let’s go mobile with our items.


With all these factors in mind, you can chat around other storage providers in Singapore before which storage provider is the best for you!

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