5 IKEA Children Storage Solutions That's Just Brilliant

Posted by Jean from Spaceship on Dec 13, 2017 2:51:52 PM
Jean from Spaceship

IKEA Singapore has finally launched its online store. Those without cars can finally shop online without travelling the distance to IKEA Tampines or IKEA Alexandra, both outlets of which are not close to MRT stations. The level of convenience just levelled up especially for families with young children. Parents can shop from the comfort of their own home without the inevitable divide of attention between shopping for furniture and taking care of their toddlers.

IKEA Children Storage are a Smart Choice

Children these days just grow so fast and so do their stuff! IKEA offers the solution by being reasonably priced so it doesn't hurt when you have to change it when your young ones outgrow them. It's also clever as IKEA provides a lot of storage variations for their children furniture so that you can keep their room organised even if a smaller sized HDB / Condo apartment. Therefore, we have complied 5 of our favourite children storage furniture from IKEA that you can buy online.

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5 of Spaceship's Favourite IKEA Children Storage Furniture

1. Extremely Versatile TROFAST IKEA Storage Combination

Ikea storage unit for children

This storage unit is extremely versatile. There are so many permutations you can experiment with by changing either the size of the storage boxes or by changing the colours of the box. The smartest way to go about selecting the box size is to plan and group the items that you want to store within this storage unit and categorise them by type, excluding all the bigger bulky items where you can save one section for. Alternatively, you can have smaller drawers on top and bigger ones below to store things like soft toys and trains. Toys that your child play with daily should be easily to take out and returned back easily. Another great factor about this storage unit is that storage boxes can be easily taken out and stored back which helps when you want to transport the entire box to another room for your child to play with like when guest come over. It saves you time by not having to take out toys item by items and putting back the way it was bent over a short shelf.

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pink children wardrobe for clothes storage

Don't you love just how sweet this children size wardrobe looks? Not just for girls, it can be an anchor piece for any little boy's bedroom. Imagine a navy blue wall with a cute little pink wardrobe centre piece to brighten up the room midst the glow-in-the-dark stars that surrounds it, just surreal! We love this piece of furniture as it is great for kids 4 years of age and above. They can choose their own outfits for their #OOTDs with mum and also starting learning to organise their wardrobe once the laundry is done. It's so tiny that it'll be absolute poor hiding spot for a game and seek so you'll be sure that the clothes in it will always stay ironed and crisp. Given its compact size, its ideal even if your child is sharing a room with you.

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3. Play Pretend with FLYTTBAR Truck for Toys

yellow truck for toy storage

A lightweight yellow truck that looks like a suitcase. It's perfect for a rainy day when the family is seeking an adventure at home. These storage boxes look clean and neat on any standing open display or shelf, disguising mess of colouring books, crayons, oil paints, etc. It's flexible structure gives you an option to store the truck away when its not in use. It folds into a compact layer and thats what makes one of our favourite IKEA children storage solutions. On top of that, its green practical handle makes it easy for you to take out or put away. Have you tried storing IKEA standard trucks under the bed? They are perfect for hiding away winter clothing and old family photo albums but a great hassle to drag out from under the bed. Thankfully, they designed a handy little handle for their children truck.

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4. Orange and Grey SLÄKTING Storage Boxes for your Storage Unit

foldable box storage for soft toys

Now you see it, now you don't. With a mesh front, you can see what you're storing in these foldable storage boxes. The front tab makes it easy to pull out or put away these boxes when its placed on a shelf or under the bed. It is great how IKEA makes changes to their already well thought out designs. The touch of coloured mesh subtly hides the mess of its contents but allows the user to identify each box quickly. This element makes its one of the top 5 favourites for kids storage solutions.

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5. Smart STICKAT Bed Pockets

bed storage singapore

You can place these storage pockets next to your children's bed. Three different sized pockets make it easy for you to store things of different sizes. Some items you can store are handkerchief, wet ones, fan remote control and even their vitamins (if they are not fond of them)! As some children tend to wake up in the middle night, be mindful not to place any objects that they can sallow or draw with for safety for your child and your home. It fits snugly on the side of the bed and is child's play to fit on. It helps organises items and optimise space that are frequently used as it keeps it upright instead of being stacked or laid out.

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We hope these will become your favourite items too! This article is brought to you by Spaceship Storage - the experts in household storage in Singapore. Do share if you have discovered other IKEA storage hacks for your children's room in the comment box below.

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