Best Buffet Catering Services for Your Next Event in Singapore

Posted by Jas from Spaceship on Dec 16, 2019 4:03:14 PM

Catering services are in high demand in Singapore thanks to the prosperous business activities and events. As the event manager, you definitely want to enhance your event to a new level with superb food and first-rate catering service.

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Top 8 Canape Catering Services in Singapore

Posted by Jas from Spaceship on Dec 16, 2019 3:49:19 PM

Catering services in Singapore are quite common with a focus on buffet type. Yet sometimes your event demands an upscaled catering service to enhance a highly personal or social setting. As such, this article is dedicated to introducing canapes and canape catering services in Singapore in 2018.

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5 Things to Expect During a Move to Storage

Posted by Jean from Spaceship on Jun 5, 2019 8:15:00 AM

Hooray! You've just made your storage order. What should you be expecting next?

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Top 4 Renovation Trends in 2019 Singapore to Keep Your Home In Vogue

Posted by Jas from Spaceship on Jan 25, 2019 11:28:52 AM

Renovating your home soon in 2019?

Sounds brilliant!

Excitement aside, the renovation process can be a bit stressful. First of all, choosing time lasting a style that still appears trendy in 2019 in Singapore is not an easy task.

To ease your job in re-designing your current home, we have studied extensively and summarised top 4 interior design trends in Singapore in 2019.

Draw your inspiration from the principles below and wait to see how your friends and relatives will be amazed!

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Review of 15 Local Movers in Singapore - A Complete List

Posted by Jas from Spaceship on Oct 11, 2018 5:11:53 PM

Looking for a reliable local mover in SingaporeWhen you are faced with a myriad of movers and each claims to have ample experience and good services, which mover should you choose?

One proven strategy you may want to take focuses on two words: price and reviews. This means you can firstly find out the service level of each mover based on genuine reviews and then pick a good service with a good moving price.

If the strategy sounds right to you, this thorough list of local movers in Singapore with Google reviews and pricing information is just what you need.

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How Moving Cost is Calculated in Singapore

Posted by Jas from Spaceship on Sep 14, 2018 6:24:33 PM

Are you curious why moving a three-bedroom house in Singapore usually cost a minimum sum of $500? How is the cost of using a moving service calculated in Singapore? Here is insider disclosure of the breakdown of a moving cost. 

This guide can help you compare the services and prices of moving services in Singapore.

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Easy Ways to Estimate the Truck Size for Moving

Posted by Jas from Spaceship on Aug 16, 2018 1:31:41 PM

Estimating the right truck size for your move can be a headache. And you are definitely not alone.

Even though moving companies in Singapore will advise on the truck size for moving, it would be helpful if we know which type of trucks to use.

That is exactly why this article was created, to offer easy and fairly accurate methods to find the right truck size for moving by calculating the space you need for your items.

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Cheap Movers in Singapore: 5 Cautions and How You Can Counter Them

Posted by Jas from Spaceship on Aug 3, 2018 2:17:16 PM

Moving services in Singapore can be expensive and yet, we all need to use it when the time comes for a change of house. When I asked my friends how they picked their movers for the last house-moving, almost all mentioned ‘cheap’.

We can definitely tell that pricing matters a lot for many people. Yet they may miss out a crucial point that may cost them more: risks with ‘cheap’ movers.

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6 Unique Printing Companies in Singapore to Meet All Printing Needs

Posted by Jas from Spaceship on Jul 25, 2018 3:07:06 PM

As a marketer or an office manager, we frequently deal with printing companies to bring out the desired effect of our artworks. How do you find a satisfactory printing service in Singapore?

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Self-Storage Singapore VS Spaceship Storage

Posted by Jean from Spaceship on Jun 20, 2018 3:04:38 PM

For individuals with homes undergoing renovation and relocation, Spaceship storage offers a secure storage facility for temporary storage of all household items with a convenient delivery service and a professional moving service.

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