Top 5 Home Decoration Ideas for Christmas 2017

Posted by Jas from Spaceship on Nov 28, 2017 11:07:05 AM
Jas from Spaceship

Christmas is coming to town in a month! How are you going to make it a special one this year? With so many amazing Christmas trinkets on the market, why not start decorating your home?

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Follow these 5 decoration ideas to bring your home into Christmas mood.

    1. Christmas Tree

      How would a Christmas be complete without a Christmas tree? Yes, we always go to shopping malls and take photos with beautiful Christmas trees to mark the festival, but a carefully-designed self-made Christmas tree at home (no matter how small it is) would completely change the atmosphere!

      Better still, making your own Christmas tree is so easy with numerous various online offers at good price! 

      Source for these three types of materials from your local hardware stores and you are ready to create your own Christmas tree.

      Untraditional Christmas Trees

      For those who fancy a traditional type, you can get a mini 1.8-ft Christmas tree from Ikea at affordable price of S$15.60 onwards. For those who wants to stand out and have something unique, consider cool ideas like Bookworm Tree, Stick Tree and Shelf Tree.

      Christmas Bookworm Tree Decor.jpg  Christmas Stick Tree Decor.jpg
      Bookworm Tree | Required materials:         Stick Tree | Required materials:
      a pinecone, light chains, ornaments            birch (or other) sticks, ornaments

      Christmas Shelf Tree Decor.jpg
      Shelf Tree | Required materials:
      floating shelves, light, ornaments

      Hanging Christmas Decorations

      Traditionally we have Santa’s hat, stockings, stars, lights and various baubles in a Christmas tree. They are all readily available online in websites like Ikea, Redmart and Shopee.

      Of course, you have all the choice of creating something special. Swarovski adorned their ION Orchard Christmas tree with 28,000 crystals. This year, Pandora ornamented their tree with 72 rose gold snowflakes and over 130,000 fairy lights. Let your imagination run wild and build your own signature tree! Better yet, share your ideas here with Spaceship and the readers to benefit and inspire more.

    2. Colourful Christmas Garlands

      Immerse your home in a festive mood with colorful garlands. You can wrap garlands in handrails of staircases and windows or simply stick them to the wall in beautiful shapes that add to the happy Christmas atmosphere.

      You can use unique materials in the garlands to add in extra dimensions of experience. You also can embed mini LED lights into garlands to adjust the room lighting to the most desired effect and augment the festive feeling. Or hang bells on garlands to bring in a little music to the room. You can also make flower garlands for your home so the family can smell the fragrance here and there.

      Making these special garlands may require a little bit more time and patience, but it will be well worth the extra efforts. On top of the added decorative effects, you will have greater sense of achievement when you look back and feel more attached to the home.
      Christmas Flower Garland.jpg

    3. Christmas Lighting

      Let all people who pass by your home know you are celebrating Christmas and spread the festivity further with beautiful lights! Your rooms also need light to brighten up.

      Generally, there are 3 types of lighting to consider:  fairy light, hanging lighting and table lighting.

      Fairy Light  

      Christmas Light Chain Fairy Mirror.jpgYou can place fairy LED lights of various colors on the walls in various shapes. You can also place light chains inside glass bottles to make table  lamps and pendant lamps.

      For those with dreamy mind, try wrapping your mirrors with fairy light and indulge yourself in this mirror fantasy once for a year.


      Compared to fairy light, pendant lamps and table lamps are much easier to set up with equally excellent decorative effect.

      Space in front of windows would be ideal for hanging pendant lamps since people from the outside can also appreciate the cozy lighting from the lamp.

      Whoever wishing for a snowy Christmas in Singapore may find their wish come true, at least to some degree, with new table lightings from Ikea. The elegant crystal Christmas tree lamp and fox lamp seem to have the power to cool room temperature down and take us to their snowy world to celebrate Christmas.
      Christmas Tree Crystal Lamp.jpg
      Christmas Crystal Fox Lamp.jpg

      Smart Lighting

      At this smart age, enjoy extra fun with smart Christmas lighting. Invest a bit of time to link all lightings to your phone and you are able to conduct a light show with a touch of your finger like Geoffrey A. Fowler.


    4. Christmas Themed Dishes & Dinner ware 

      Christmas is a time for family. What that usually means is a sumptuous family dinner. Some efforts in the decoration would make this festive season much more unforgettable.

      Christmas Themed Pastries 

      Do you remember last time when you were given Hello Kitty-shaped cookies and you adored them so much that it became painful to eat them? Let’s be the one who creates the adorables this time. Buy some Chrsitmas-themed pastry moulds and make the family gathering unforgettable with reindeer cookies and stocking-shaped chocolates.
      Christmas Reindeer Cookies.jpg

      Dinnerware & Napkins

      If you have some budget, you may consider purchasing a set of Christmas dinnerware, which can be used for many years. Otherwise, Christmas-themed napkins is a great and low-cost idea to elevate your dinner experience.  Try out and be amazed how much happier your family were by this simple change.

    5. Christmas Storage

      End this year’s Christmas by gracefully by packing all Christmas decorations into nice storage boxes. You can simply label boxes with ‘Christmas’ so that you can easily identify them next year. 

      Christmas Storage Box.jpg
      Some people even go the extra mile using Christmas-themed boxes. These boxes will keep your wonderful memory in 2017 in tact and make your home organized for the new year. When the next Christmas comes, you can easily find all the decorations and re-use them.

      If your home has no much spare space for extra Christmas stock, you may consider engage storage service companies like Spaceship which frees you from crammed space and keeps your items in good conditions at low price. 
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One-month flies by quickly and now it is right time to start preparing for your Christmas. Take some of above tips for home decoration and wait to see how much joy your efforts can bring to your family.


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