Why Expats in Singapore Should Consider Valet Storage

Posted by Mingxiu Ho on May 2, 2017 11:10:49 AM

Singapore has become one of the best places for businesses in Asia, and thus, it has become a home to many expats.

If you visit Singapore now, you will see how much it has embraced diversity in its populace. Many people from all over the world travel to Singapore to look for opportunities for employment or business ventures.

Some come here by themselves, some are sent by their companies from their home town to work in their company’s satellite here in Singapore. As much as Singapore is a great country, one cannot deny that this is an expensive city to live in. In fact, Expatistan has ranked Singapore second in terms of highest cost of living in Asia, having a price index of 227.

Space is one of factors that make Singapore an expensive city. Both office spaces and personal units for rent are quite pricey. That’s why sharing rooms or houses with other expats is quite common.

Also, some opt to just get a smaller unit for themselves. This is why expats should consider availing the services of valet storages.

Valet storages are like a warehouse for rent wherein you can keep your stuff so they don’t take up room in your home.

Unlike traditional self-storage, valet storages take care of placing your stuff in the warehouse. You would only have to do the packing in the boxes. This means hassle-free organizing unlike self-storages where you would have to do everything yourself.

Here are several reasons expats should consider these warehouse for rent services:

File Safekeeping

Paper and documents just seem to always find a way to keep accumulating. And many times, there is a need to hang on to them even if you won’t always need to use them.

Valet storages also offer document storage services and we would be able to hold your papers for you and deliver them to your doorstep when you need them. 

Easy Storage for Frequent Movers

If you are based in Singapore but keep moving to different units across the city, or perhaps you’re not based here but frequently travel here for business or personal reasons, then the warehouse for rent service is definitely for you!

We can hold your stuff for you so you don’t always have to pack it when you move.

Or, if you are not based in Singapore but travel here very often, then we can store your things for you until you get back and help lessen your baggage by bringing the items every time you come here. Just think of the baggage allowance it will save you from the airport.

A Place to Keep Winter Clothes

Singapore may always have a sunny weather, but many expats are from countries that come with a wintry weather and they would still need to keep winter clothes to keep warm for trips back home.

Also, many employees get sent to different countries for business trips and they would never know if the next trip would involve a cooler climate. Then, there also other Singapore-based expats who just enjoy travelling, and sometimes it involves cold weathers as well.

Winter clothes are thick and bulky and therefore take up a lot of space in the closet. That’s why it’s more practical to have them stored elsewhere to free up space for other more frequently used clothes.

Storage for Sports Equipment

All work and no play makes a man dull, says the old saying. If you’re based in Singapore for career purposes, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take time off from work to live a little. A lot of expats find recreation in joining in sports during their days off.

Since you won’t need your tennis rackets, basketballs, or other sports equipment every day, let us store them for you so you won’t have to worry about accumulating too much stuff to support your hobbies and trying to find space to fit them in.

Also, Singapore is situated near the countries that have the best beaches in Asia. Many people from the west are eager to visit these beaches.

But before you go on that trip, we can hold your swimsuits as well as your bulky surfboards for you. 

Less Worry for Valuable Items

If you are a worrier and anxious about losing valuable items such as jewelry, we can also keep them for you. Items stored with us are insured for up to $1,000. This way you can sleep soundly without having to worry about theft.

Having extra storage space means having less worry about trying to get a bigger unit. It’s more practical to use warehouses for rent for the stuff you don’t frequently need rather than get a bigger home just to fit them all in.

Singapore may be an expensive city, but there are practical ways that can help you cut the costs.

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