Spaceship's Move To Storage Service

At Spaceship, our Move to Storage service is an important part of our Door-to-Door storage service.

Beyond just moving your items into storage, we place emphasis on delivering a professional service, handling your items safely, and ensuring tracking and accountability of your items. We also place emphasis on processes and use technology to ensure good coordination, and good processes.

Our Move To Storage Service and how it compares

Using a 40sqft (or equivalent) storage plan:

  #1 Spaceship #2 Beam #3 EZ Storage
The Basic Service
Price (before GST)  $160 $320 $180
Movers & Vehicles  Yes Yes Yes
Packing Cartons  10 Free (New) 5 Free (New) 10 Free (Used)
Manual Item Inventory  Yes Yes Extra Charges
Item Handling
Stretch Film Wrapping  Yes Yes Yes
Extra: Base Protection Yes No No
Tracking & Accountability
Manual Item Inventory List Yes Yes Yes
Barcode Scanning of Items Yes No No
Photos of Items at Storage Facility Yes No No
Item Damage / Loss Protection $200 / item, up to $1,500 / account $100 / item, up to $500 / account None, at your own risk

Note: Information above is at the time of research. These may change over  time


Overview of the Move To Storage Process



  1. Before the move, we'll schedule a pre-move call with you (for >60 sqft moves), to ensure that on the day of the move, things run smoothly with minimised hiccups
  2. During the move, loose items that do not fit into boxes are wrapped with clear stretch film to add a layer of protection against dust and dirt
  3. Base protection (using corrugated board) is added for bulky items to minimise risk of  scratches
  4. Each item, on an article basis (carton or loose item), is labelled with a barcode label
  5. A physical hardcopy list of items to be stored will be prepared
  6. Each item is barcode scanned at your place before being loaded onto the vehicle using trolleys
  7. At our storage facility, we unload and stack your items on pallet storage bins
  8. We scan the barcode of each item again before moving them to the allocated storage location
  9. After 1-2 business days, you'll be able to login to your online dashboard and view a list of your stored items

The Move To Storage Service

Spaceship Move To Storage
The Basic: Professional Movers and Vehicles
Our basic moving service includes stretch film wrapping, simple disassembly of items (just a couple of screws) but does not include packing, disposals, complicated disassembly. Such services are available at an extra cost. 
Most of the jobs will be done by our in-house team. However, there are times when we work with our trusted partners when we do not have sufficient resources during high demand. 
THE EXTRA: On-Site Supervisor - Free
For jobs larger than 60 sqft, a supervisor is assigned on-site to assist you during the move.
THE EXTRA: Pre-Move Consultation - Free
For jobs larger than 60 sqft, our operations team will conduct a pre-move consultation to ensure that your move goes smoothly. Over the call, you'll receive advice on how to pack items (e.g. use carton boxes instead of plastic boxes for better stacking and safety), how to prep certain types of items (e.g. unplug fridges at least 48 hours before the move) and we will check through details of your items and location - so that any risks of hiccups are minimised.

Packing Supplies

Packing Cartons-1 
The Basic: Packing Cartons - Free
We provide 5 free complimentary packing cartons for every 20 sqft increment of storage plan selected. These packing cartons measure 60*40*34cm (LWH) and are double-walled and are durable which helps in stacking your items well so that you can minimise the space used.
You may purchase (at an extra fee), additional packing cartons, tapes, bubble wrap, etc. We will deliver to you in advance of the move, with one-time free delivery.
THE EXTRA: Brand New Packing Cartons - Free
Traditional movers, and some of the alternatives provide used cartons. These are unhygienic - you do not know the condition of items that were previously placed in them. We highly do not recommend using such Used Cartons for storage.
At Spaceship, we provide brand new packing cartons. 

Protecting Your Items

Spaceship Stretch Film Wrap
The Basic: Stretch Film Wrapping - Free
Items that do not fit into boxes are wrapped using quality transparent stretch film. Examples of items that we wrap include furniture, standing fans, electronics, appliances, etc. The stretch film helps to protect your item against dust and dirt. 
Stretch film wrapping is done only for loose items that do not fit into boxes. Wrapping of cartons or boxes can be requested, but separate fees apply.
Base Protect Zoomed In
THE EXTRA: Adding Base Protection Using Corrugated Board - Free
Beyond stretch film wrapping, for bulky non-fragile items (e.g. mattresses, fridges, mirrors, cabinets, sofas), we add an additional layer of protection using corrugated cardboard, and then proceed with stretch film wrapping.
During the process of moving, bulky non-fragile items have a high chance of being dragged across the floor - dragged in the vehicle or at the storage facility.
Traditional movers, and the alternative Door-to-Door storage valet providers typically only use stretch film to wrap your items. Stretch film on its own is insufficient to protect your items when dragged. For example, if your mattress is dragged at the storage facility, the risk of your mattress being scratched, or having dirt stains is high.
For bulky fragile items, we require that these items have extra protection (in addition to base protection) For example, for TVs that are not in a box, or for mirrors, even more corrugated board materials is used to 'build a box'. This further minimises risk of items being damaged. For this, additional fees apply for the extra materials and labour time.

Tracking & Accountability

Spaceship Packing List Example 


The Basic: Hardcopy Inventory List (aka packing list) - Free

Before moving your items out of your place, we'll list down the items (on a carton or item level) that you're moving to storage on a physical packing list. Each item will have a reference number and a description.


This is to ensure that items that are taken by us to storage, are accounted for. Also, when you want something returned, you can find details of your items in your online dashboard.


THE EXTRA: Scanning of items - Free

We paste barcode labels and scan the barcodes at your place for extra accountability. Additionally, when your items arrive at our storage facility, they are scanned again. Your items are then uploaded where you can view a digital list of your stored items.



Item Protective Coverage


The Basic: Protective coverage against loss/damages (Up to $200 per item, max of $1,500 per user) - Included


There will always be the risk of items suffering damages or losses while being handled, moved, and or stored. At Spaceship, we provide free protective coverage against loss or damage to your item and premise during the move, and or in storage.


There are certain exclusions. Our standard protective coverage excludes damages to fragile items (mirrors, glass panels, oil paintings, vases, etc), electronics, musical instruments and items that were disassembled/re-assembled.


You can find more details of our protective coverage policy here.


Avoid movers or Door-to-Door storage providers who do not offer protective coverage and adopt a 'store at your own risk' approach even if they advertise cheap prices.


These are usually small outfits who want to quickly complete the moving service, and do not want to take any responsibility for your items. Run away from these charlatans!






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