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5 Things to Expect During a Move to Storage

Posted by Jean from Spaceship on Jun 5, 2019 8:15:00 AM

Hooray! You've just made your storage order. What should you be expecting next?

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Self-Storage Singapore VS Spaceship Storage

Posted by Jean from Spaceship on Jun 20, 2018 3:04:38 PM

For individuals with homes undergoing renovation and relocation, Spaceship storage offers a secure storage facility for temporary storage of all household items with a convenient delivery service and a professional moving service.

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Posted by Jean from Spaceship on Mar 2, 2018 3:09:18 PM


目前新加坡为公司和个人提供的两种仓库出租模式:(1)只是出租仓库空间的自助式仓储 (self-storage),(2) 出租仓库空间也提供搬运甚至打包服务的 valet storage 。Valet storage 是狠心的仓库出租模式,简而言之,你只需电话或网上预定就有人来替你打包、搬运物品到仓库。在你需要的时候,仓库公司也会派人送货上门。

不论搬家还是装修房子,生活在新加坡总有需要出租仓库的时候。Spaceship 在这里列出了新加坡前20家仓库和联系方式,帮助你解决空间不够的问题。

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5 Office and Storage Space in Singapore for Rent

Posted by Jean from Spaceship on Jan 30, 2018 4:01:45 PM

The gig economy is propelling a whole new circle of entrepreneurs and freelancers into the workforce. More and more millennials are choosing a lifestyle that allows them to fix their working hours, as well as location. With the increase in logistics efficiency around the world decreasing shipping cost, small local brands can now sell their items internationally with low barriers. For retailers who prefer to have control over their packaging and distribute from where they operate, offices that have ample warehouse storage space are a gem to find as the price of commercial office space might be too high per sqft for inventory storage.

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Singapore's First Co-Storage and Office Space

Posted by Jean from Spaceship on Jan 29, 2018 2:47:40 PM

With the injection of $4.4 Billion into WeWork by Softbank last year, the growth of co-working space in South East Asia is about to explode. The expansion of JustCo, the service office arm of Just Co Group with $12m raised and a partnership with Shanghai's Naked Hub, is going to make the big boys scene more interesting. Everyone wants a piece of the this "new way of work", that includes Spaceship too.

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5 Must Have Chinese New Year Decoration this Dog Year

Posted by Jean from Spaceship on Jan 22, 2018 5:50:34 PM

As the year of the dog approaches this lunar new year, families are spending every weekend cleaning up their homes before putting up the CNY decorations. The year of the dog is special compared to the rest of Chinese zodiac symbols as it subjectively is one of the cutest animals of the zodiac cycle. In additional, it is known universally that dogs are man's best friend. This lunar new year is a celebration of both man and pet. 

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5 IKEA Children Storage Solutions That's Just Brilliant

Posted by Jean from Spaceship on Dec 13, 2017 2:51:52 PM

IKEA Singapore has finally launched its online store. Those without cars can finally shop online without travelling the distance to IKEA Tampines or IKEA Alexandra, both outlets of which are not close to MRT stations. The level of convenience just levelled up especially for families with young children. Parents can shop from the comfort of their own home without the inevitable divide of attention between shopping for furniture and taking care of their toddlers.

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5 storage space ideas for small spaces

Posted by Jean from Spaceship on Dec 4, 2017 4:09:16 PM

As HDB and condo apartments in Singapore get smaller, we need to get smarter when furnishing our homes by thinking of the end rather than the start when interior designing. Looking 5 years forward to imagine all the items that one will accumulate with new additions to the family and as we purchase more things with each pay check. Ample storage space will be crucial to ensure that our home will still look neat and immaculate in 5 years to come. Therefore, here are 10 hidden storage spaces ideas you can work with your interior designer to get built into your new apartment for an organised home in the future.

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Rent Warehouse Storage Space In Singapore For Less

Posted by Jean from Spaceship on Nov 27, 2017 11:46:34 AM

Warehouse storage space might seem like a luxury in Singapore given how land scarce we are, but it is possible to rent warehouse space in Singapore for your larger items, e-commerce inventory, kitchen equipment or even household items temporarily. In Singapore, there are two distinct type of short term warehouses rental, one that is fully leased by a tenant and the other a shared warehouse space.

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Storage Solutions from IKEA online (New!)

Posted by Jean from Spaceship on Nov 13, 2017 2:35:12 PM

IKEA is now online! Here are 10 storage solutions that you can get delivered to your own home. Getting settled into a new space and organisation has never been so convenient. With Spaceship, you can view all the items you had from your previous home and find suitable organisers with Ikea Online. This makes planning packing and moving day easier. In the past, you either had to wait for all your old items to be delivered to your home, spread them out and then start buying home accessories to put them in. Which also meant that you either have to stress over delivery times or sacrifice your weekends to slowly make your house a home. Both are options of the past with recent digital transformation.

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