Cheap Movers in Singapore: 5 Cautions and How You Can Counter Them

By Jas from Spaceship on Aug 3, 2018 in Moving

Moving services in Singapore can be expensive and yet, we all need to use it when the time comes for a change of house. When I asked my friends how they picked their movers for the last house-moving, almost all mentioned ‘cheap’.

We can definitely tell that pricing matters a lot for many people. Yet they may miss out a crucial point that may cost them more: risks with ‘cheap’ movers.

That is exactly why this article was written: to keep you well informed of 5 most common issues with cheap movers, and how you can avoid them.

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Top 5 Risks When You Use Cheap Movers In Singapore


1. Damaged Items

Many cheap movers are, as a matter of fact, freelancers, meaning they are not properly trained and they do not have standard operation of procedures to ensure your items will be handled with best method and care.

Of course, extreme care for casual low-cost items such as cheap clothes may not be necessary. However, we may feel pains when we spot any form of damage on items valuable or what we treasure so much like your brand new TV or 2-meter Crystal Chandelier shipped from Europe.

I have heard quite several cases where a cheap mover scratched the surface of the door in the new home and he responded by saying ‘Scratching is quite common during the move.’ and refused to take up any responsibility for that.


2. Missing Items

Missing items is another common incident and one of the cause is cheap movers do not take inventory of items before the move or they did not remind the client to inventory their items themselves.

This may also be caused by the carelessness of the mover.


3. Speed & Punctuality

Speed of work is a reflection of the skill, the experience of the mover and the effectiveness of the methodology. Freelancers may use more time and efforts to finish your work.

Additionally, arriving on time and finishing the moving job on time is another concern.

If you have a tight schedule, any delay can cause inconvenience and you want to avoid it as much as possible.


service attitude of movers

4. Service Attitude

Most of us usually do not rank ‘Service Attitude’ as the top determining factor but we do have a minimum expectation for the customer service.

We want to see friendly faces who can address our concerns and confusion. We also want to be informed about how our items are going to be moved and if there is anything to pay more attention to.

Though we seldom convey explicitly, it would be nice if the crew are properly dressed so we feel we are respected.


5. Scamming

Common moving service scams are:

  1. A low initial quote with extra fees added later

  2. Double, even triple the market average price

In-experienced moving families can easily fall victim to these scams so some investigation on the moving service market and the mover you are contacting is necessary.


How You Can Manage The 5 Risks

As Mom always says, you get what you pay, this is very true.

In this case, we want to pay premium for the skill and experience to have a peace of mind that your items will be transferred safely to the new place.


Spaceship Movers are your answer

  • Responsible sales representatives will patiently explain everything about your moving

  • Well-trained ground team with decades of experience has a keen eye for details and handles items with care and skill

  • Transparent quotation: charge fairly and is very competitive in the market with regards to its level of service.

If you experience the service, you will understand the value Spaceship's service.

Here are some awesome enhanced services Spaceship provides that is definitely needed but is rarely practised by other moving companies in the market.


Taking Inventory Before A House Move

1. Inventory List Of Items To Be Moved

The first thing Spaceship team does on the moving day is to take out a pre-created inventory list, check items against the list and label items with clear item numbers and descriptions.

In this way, each item will be taken care of and you will be free from worries over missing items.


Protective wrapping of electronics during moving process

2. Protective Wrapping Of Electronics

Many people, even moving companies neglect the importance of moving electronics like fridges or washing machines with a protection layer (usually carton). Consequently, they merely wrap the machines with stretch film to keep them clean of dust.

With the advancement of technology, these machines are becoming more sophisticated and some of their components more sensitive and delicate. A proper wrapping offers enhanced protection against item damage.


Moving blankets under furniture so they wont scratch the floor

3. Covering The Floor

Moving furniture can easily scratch the floor and caring movers will take care of this by covering the floor with carton as much as they can before they start moving.

If your mover is not doing this, you surely want to remind them about this.


Interested To Know How To Move Out Safely At An Affordable & Fair Price?

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