Easy Ways to Estimate the Truck Size for Moving

Posted by Jas from Spaceship on Aug 16, 2018 1:31:41 PM
Jas from Spaceship

Estimating the right truck size for your move can be a headache. And you are definitely not alone.

Even though moving companies in Singapore will advise on the truck size for moving, it would be helpful if we know which type of trucks to use.

That is exactly why this article was created, to offer easy and fairly accurate methods to find the right truck size for moving by calculating the space you need for your items.

Estimating truck size for moving - moving truck

List of moving vehicle types and their holding capacity

Moving trucks are categorised based on their holding capacity, which is measured as the entire open space of the storage area from floor to roof of the truck or van.

A point to note is that you will need to book a truck with a larger open space than the exact space you need. This is to accommodate extra space between items due to imperfect stacking.

Moving companies commonly use 4 types of vehicles:

  • cargo van
  • 10’ - 12’ truck
  • 14’ - 17’ truck
  • 20’ - 24’ truck

(The figures refer to the body length of the truck.)

estimate truck size for moving - various trucksEach vehicle caters to a specific moving need:

Cargo van

  • 1 bedroom with simple furnishing
  • 25 or fewer standard carton boxes

10’ - 12’ truck

  • 1 bedroom apartment
  • 1-700 square feet (sqft) space
  • 400-450 cubic feet (cuft) of possessions
  • 5 or fewer pieces of furniture
  • 50 or fewer boxes

14’ - 17’ truck

  • 2 bedroom home
  • 700 - 1200 sqft space
  • 650-850 cuft of possessions
  • 10 or fewer pieces of furniture
  • 100 or fewer moving boxes

20’ - 24’ truck

  • 1 average-sized home, eg. 3-bedroom moderately-furnished house

Calculating the space occupied by your items

With the general guidelines above, you can proceed to calculate the space you need in a truck. By referring to the table of general item sizes below, you can get a rough estimate of the space you need.

Items in the living room:

Item Space (cuft) Item Space (cuft)
Armchair Large 25 Bookshelves 15
Armchair Medium 15 Piano Grand 85
Coffee Table 15 Piano Upright 60
Dining Table 43 Sectional Sofa 130
Flat TV 21"-32" 10 3-Seat Sofa 65
Flat TV 34"-50" 15 Stereo 5


Items in the bedroom:

Item Space (cuft) Item Space (cuft)
Dressing Table 25 Queen Bed 65
Folding Bed 60 Single Bed 45
Kind Bed 85 Standing Mirror 10
Bunk Beds 160    

Items in the kitchen and halls:

Item Space (cuft) Item Space (cuft)
Dishwasher 30 Kitchen Chair 8
Fridge 40 Washing Machine 30
Kitchen Table 25 Vacuum Cleaner 3

Items in the office:

Item Space (cuft) Item Space (cuft)
Printer 5 Office Desk Large 15

If your items fall out of the tables above, you can check the moving space calculator here.

After the calculation, you are now ready to choose the right truck size for your move!

Doing the calculation can be tedious, especially when you have masses of stuff that takes up almost every available storage space in your house.

If you are moving by yourself, you may still need to do it despite the amount of work. If you are using a trustful mover service, you may pass it to your moving company who will calculate for you and come up with a clear list of all items to be moved :)

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Estimate truck sizes for moving - spaceship truck

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Lastly, wish you a smooth moving experience ahead :)

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