Top packing tips you must follow for safe storage

packing tips for move and storage
Packing before any move (e.g. relocation) for a home move or office move can be a haunting task yet not many people truly learn how to pack properly to ensure safe storage. Many of us may well recall the pains when improper packing led to
  • Moldy fridges costing a lot for repair
  • Electronic device spoilt by battery leak
  • Faded sofa with dust and bugs in small corners

Therefore, it is important to follow correct packing methods to avoid unnecessary financial and emotional cost. While much desired, comprehensive packing tips that prevent most potential storage problems are hard to find. That is why Spaceship has carefully prepared Packing Guide to help and inspire. Let's pack smart and right!


Useful packing tips for safe storage

Clothes, fragile ware, electronic and electrical stuff, fridges and furnitures. Love it, protect it.

  1. Pack clothes (how to pack my uni grad gown?)

    • Pack clean dry clothes with some mothballs (no direct contact with clothes).
    • Avoid packing in sealed plastic bags as humidity can cause mildew.
  2. Pack glass, dishes and mirrors

    • Wrap each item individually in packing paper.
    • Pack glasses & cups with their rims down.
    • Pack plates vertically instead of stacking them on top of each other.
    • Place the more fragile and delicate items on top.
    • Layer the bottom and top of cartons with cushioning materials. Fill up empty space to prevent movement within the box.
    • Cover the mirror glass with cardboard to prevent cracking and wrap mirror with bubble wrap.
  3. Pack electronic and electrical devices

    • Take a picture of how electronics are connected before unplugging as reference for reassembling.
    • Remove batteries from related appliances to avoid damage due to leakage.
    • For printers, remove ink jet or laser printer cartridges. Store separately.
    • Use original packaging if possible; otherwise, wrap each item with bubble wrap.
    • Fill extra space with crumpled newspaper and use linen at the bottom and top of cartons. DO NOT use Styrofoam peanuts as static they generate may damage some components.
  4. Pack fridges and washing machines

    • For washing machines, drain, clean and dry thoroughly before storage.
    • Remove, thoroughly clean and dry hoses and other removable parts and then place them in the appliances.
    • For fridges, empty, defrost, clean and dry thoroughly at least two days before storage to avoid water damage and mold growth.
    • Secure the fridge doors slightly ajar to prevent mold growth and odour.
    • Wrap fridge properly.
  5. Furniture and upholstered products

    • For wardrobes, drawers, cupboards & cabinets, empty all contents.
    • For fabric sofas & chairs, clean and vacuum thoroughly to prevent mildew during storage.
    • Disassemble furniture wherever possible (e.g., remove legs from tables & chairs, remove planks from bed) to save space and avoid damage.
    • Wrap furniture with covers, bags or sheeting.

More useful packing tips for safe storage?  

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