How to pack a fridge for moving or storage

Learn how to wrap and pack a fridge for your home move. Follow the steps and watch the video below to ensure that your fridge remain scratch-free during a move. The key factor about packing a fridge for a move is that it's labelled properly. Remeber to indicate where the doors are and which way up the fridge stands. 

How to pack a fridge for moving or storage



Things you'll need 

  • Large sheets of corrugated board 
  • A pair of scissors 
  • Pen knife 
  • Masking Tape 
  • Transaprent Tape 
  • An extra pair of hands 

Steps to wrap and pack a fridge 

  1. Lay corrugated board on the ground 
  2. Position fridge in the centre 
  3. Score the corrugated sheet to make fold lines 
  4. Fold the corrugated sheet so it envelopes the fridge 
  5. Tape the corners 
  6. Tape around 
  7. Label X where the doors are 
  8. Put an arrow to show which is the right side up 

Things to remember while moving 

  • Do not lay the fridge down 
  • Indicate the rough weight of the item so that if someone else is moving, they will know how heavy it is 
  • Use a dolly to transport the fridge 

Things to remember while unpacking 

  • Cut the tape off with a pen knife slowly 
  • Things in the fridge might have moved, be careful when opening the fridge door 
  • Do the reverse. Remove the tape where you last taped and work from there.

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