Cheap Storage Space in Singapore | $55/mo onwards

There are many different reasons why people and businesses need storage. However, not all storage facilities or storage services fit all types of use cases.

An individual/homeowner who needs storage while renovating their place would need a storage facility that is different from a business looking to store pallets of equipment or supplies.

Spaceship provides a full suite of storage services catering to different items and use cases. Here's an article I previously wrote on deciding which of Spaceship's full storage services is suitable for you.

Managed Storage with Services (we store and manage for you)

Type of Items

Storage Service

Personal household / Office Items

Door-to-Door Storage

Pallets, Crates, Marketing Supplies and equipment, Renovation project items

Warehouse Storage with Managed Logistics

Retail Inventory / E-commerce Products

Order Fulfilment Service

Self-Managed Storage (your storage unit, manage on your own)

Personal household / Office Items

Self Storage

Pallets, Crates, Marketing Supplies and equipment, Renovation project items

Self Storage

Retail Inventory / E-commerce Products

SpaceLabs (Co-warehouse Fulfilment Centre)


Managed vs Self Storage. Which is the cheaper storage option?

Managed storage very often is the cheaper option as the cost of rental and setup of a storage facility is typically lower and these cost savings are passed down to you, the user. Additionally, the space you occupy will also be less if you choose the Managed Storage option as you'll only need to pay for the space that you use.


Cheap Storage Space To Rent for Household Items and Office Items

Without a doubt, our Door-to-Door Storage Service is the cheapest storage option. Comparing against our Self Storage units:

  • On a like-for-like size basis, Door-to-Door storage prices are lower
  • On a size-requirement basis, you'll need less storage space with Door-to-Door storage than taking a self-storage unit

Scenario: Person renovating home and living in a 3-bedroom Condo

Storage Service

Storage Space Required

Monthly Storage Fee (after discounts)

Door-to-Door Storage

100 sqft

$266 / month

Self Storage

120 sqft

$411 / month


Door-to-door storage is significantly cheaper than Self Storage. Not only is it cheaper on a per sqft (psf) basis, but the space you'll need is also less as you don't have to worry about getting extra walkway space. 


Spaceship's Door-to-Door Storage Prices: From $72 / Month

Storage Size

Monthly Storage Fee (After Discounts)

20 sqft


40 sqft


80 sqft


100 sqft


120 sqft


140 sqft


160 sqft


180 sqft


200 sqft


220 sqft


240  sqft


>240 sqft

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Our Door-to-Door Storage includes Move to Storage and Storage Returns, these are charged separately from the monthly storage fee. View our Storage and Move to Storage Fees Here

Cheap storage space to rent, but is the service quality good?

It's hard for things to be cheap, and good. Often, service quality and customer support will be lacking in some form.

However, in the case of Spaceship's Door-to-Door, we have extremely high ratings on Google. We are the leading door-to-door storage provider in Singapore, and this comes from a lot of effort put in by the team behind the scenes.


Cheap Storage Space To Rent for Items on Pallets, Marketing Equipment, Crates, Project Items

Warehouse pallet storage

Your storage options if you storing such items are:

  1. Warehouse Storage with Managed Logistics
  2. Self Storage Unit
  3. Traditional Bare Warehouse

Now if you are looking for a storage space that is > 1,000 sqft, the cheaper storage space to rent would be the traditional bare warehouse option, on a PSF basis at least. However, there are some 'hidden' costs that you'll need to consider:

  • Lease terms are typically 1 year
  • You'll have to commit to a fixed size, but might end up paying for unused space
  • There are no further options to expand your space in the future
  • There are operating/running costs (utilities, Internet, manpower costs, etc)

For storage space <1,000 sqft, you have the option of Self Storage Units. However, the Warehouse Storage with Managed Logistics option is typically cheaper, with the following extra benefits:

  • Pay only for the space you use
  • Expand easily if you need more space
  • Able to fit pallets and bulky items into the space easily
  • Option for inventory tracking/management


Rent Storage Space From $55 / Month

Spaceship's Warehouse Storage with Managed Logistics Prices

Basic Plan

Standard Plan

Pro Plan

  • $55 / month / lot
  • $65 / month / lot
  • $80 / month / lot
  • No online inventory
  • In/outbound from $8
  • Delivery by vehicle load
  • Online inventory (carton, item)
  • In/outbound from $2
  • Delivery by cartons / vehicle load
  • Online inventory (carton, item), piece)
  • In/outbound from $0.30
  • Delivery by cartons / vehicle load
Each lot = 1 standard pallet / 20 sqft



Cheap Storage Space To Rent for Retail / E-commerce Products

If you are storing retail/e-commerce products, you have the option of choosing between a managed logistics service or you'll handle the storage and logistics on your own. 

Again, it will be hard to compare which is the cheaper option as you'll have to consider not just the storage cost but the logistics part, and the running operating cost. Additionally,  storage fees are also dependent on the quantity and size of SKUs that you have.

In this case, it would be best to reach out to one of our sales specialists, who will better understand your products and your order volumes before working to craft the best option for you.

Storage & Order Fulfillment Service: List Price



Monthly Storage Fees (by item)
  • Standard - XXS (LWH <20cm)
  • Standard - XS (LWH 20.1 to 40cm)
  • Standard - S (LWH: 40.1 to 60cm)
  • Standard - M (LWH: 60.1 to 80cm)
  • Standard - L (LWH 80.1 to 100cm) 
  • Bulky

  • Custom
  • $0.40 / pc / month
  • $0.60 / pc / month
  • $0.75 / pc / month
  • $0.90 / pc / month
  • $24 / cbm / month

Inbound Receiving


Outbound / Order Fulfilment

From $1.80 (1st item) + $0.80 (subsequent item)


Affordable Storage Space To Rent in Singapore CBD Area

Spaceship's storage warehouse facility in CBD area is located along Keppel Road. At this facility, we provide the following storage services:

  • Door-to-door storage
  • Self-storage
  • Co-warehouse & Micro Fulfilment Centre
  • Storage & order fulfillment service
  • Warehouse storage with managed service


How much does Spaceship's storage space at Keppel cost per month?

While rental space in CBD area is very expensive in Singapore, you'll find that our storage prices are significantly cheaper than renting an office space in CBD.

Whether you need storage for personal items, business products or office items, Spaceship's storage facility at Keppel is a cheap and affordable option for your storage requirements. Not only that, we also have an in-house moving team and logistics team located at the storage facility. 


An inexpensive storage space option at Ang Mo Kio

Our storage facility in Ang Mo Kio is located at 38 Ang Mo Kio, Industrial Park 2. We have over 100,000 sqft of storage space and provide the following services:

  • Self-storage
  • Co-warehouse & Micro Fulfilment Centre

While we don't list our Door-to-Door and Warehouse Storage with Managed Logistics storage services, you can still sign up for those storage services as we are managing the items for you and you don't have to travel to the storage facility.


Is the storage space secured at Spaceship's Ang Mo Kio storage facility?

Yes, we have CCTV cameras and the space is closed to the public. There is restricted access only to users who have the access pass. We also have staff present at the storage facility during operating hours.

Is storage space at Spaceship's Ang Mo Kio storage facility cheap?

Our self-storage & co-warehouse micro fulfillment centre is the cheapest compared to our other locations.


An alternative with competitive prices at Eunos

Our storage facility in Eunos is located at 100 Eunos Ave 7. We have over 50,000 sqft of storage space and provide the following services:

  • Self-storage
  • Co-warehouse & Micro Fulfilment Centre

Again, while Door-to-Door and Warehouse Storage with Managed Logistics are not offered at our Eunos storage facility, you can still sign up for those storage services as we manage the items for you and you don't have to be present at the storage facility.


What is the cheapest storage space to rent in Singapore?

The prices for our various storage services are competitively priced. However, we are not positioned to be the cheapest in Singapore.

We put a lot of effort into delivering a high-quality service, a good software user experience, and a good customer experience. 

For example, for our Door-to-door storage space, during the Move to Storage service, we take extra care to protect your items against damage. Instead of just applying stretch film wrapping, we also use extra corrugated board to protect the base of your bulky items (e.g. sofas, mattresses). Additionally, all of your items are barcode scanned at your place, and again, at the storage facility to ensure accountability. 

To know more about our Move-to-Storage service, read this article


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