Top 4 Best Storage Space To Rent in Singapore in 2024

We enquired with 16 storage companies across 25 storage facilities in Singapore, visited their facilities where possible, and compared them across several metrics to come up with our ranking of the top 4 storage companies in Singapore

TL:DR, of the 15 storage companies we researched, visited (where possible), and gathered quotes from, the top 4 storage companies are:

  1. Spaceship
  2. Extra Space Asia
  3. Work+Store
  4. Storhub

Now this article is written mainly for Personal household storage and general office items. 

Looking for business storage instead? Here are 5 affordable warehouse storage spaces to rent in Singapore.

How Does a Self Storage Unit Look Like?

Here's a video tour of Spaceship's self-storage facility


How We Reviewed The Best Storage Companies in Singapore

The best storage companies set themselves apart by having competitive prices, good service levels, well-maintained facilities, and good customer reviews.

  • Are the storage units clean and secure?

  • Are there extra value-added services (e.g. moving service, workspaces, parking) for personal storage, company storage, and small online sellers or distributors

  • Are storage prices competitive?

  • How many customer reviews do they have? What is the average Google Review? What do the reviewers commonly mention?

We first created a long list of storage companies in Singapore, researched and reviewed, shortlisted the best 4, took a deeper dive, and ranked them to produce our top 4.

A shortened list to help kick-start your research process.

Minimum Criteria To Be The Top 4 Storage Company 

The minimum criteria for making the top 4 list is:

  • Is the storage company reputable (been around for at least 5 years)?
  • Is the storage company sizable, at least a GST-registered company ( >$1M in revenue?
  • Owners and employees of the storage company can be easily found online and have LinkedIn profiles
  • Has been providing storage services as their primary business activity for at least 5 years
  • Has more than 500 reviews on Google with an average score of at least 4.5 stars

For each of the top 4, we did a write-up on the following:

  • Some background of the storage company 
  • What we like about the storage service
  • Storage price
  • Storage locations
  • Customer review

The rankings and reviews are based on our opinion.

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The Top 4 Best Storage Spaces to Rent in Singapore

1. Spaceship. Our top pick for personal storage and business product storage. Low price, in-house moving team, shared fulfilment centre facilities, and a wide range of storage services make Spaceship our top choice.

2. Extra Space Storage. If you are looking for a reputed storage company, with good parking, and competitive rates, this will be your choice.

3. Work+Store. If you are looking for long-term storage, or are a business looking for storage at a competitive price, this is a great choice.

4. Storhub. The largest storage operator in Singapore. Great reviews. They've got all the basics of a good self storage company done right.



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 #1: Spaceship Storage in Singapore

Spaceship has earned the top spot in our ranking of the best storage companies in Singapore. >600 Google reviews, 4.9 stars.

Spaceship started in 2015 and is the pioneer and leader in door-to-door storage. Pick up, store and deliver. Convenient, no heavy lifting, no need to leave your home. With over 300,000 sqft of storage space, Spaceship (while not the largest), is definitely amongst the largest storage companies in Singapore.

Cheap Storage Price

Spaceship's storage prices are lower than the other top 3 storage for their Door-to-door storage service. For its Self Storage option, prices are competitive and similar to the other 3 storage companies in our top 4 list. 

Own In-house Professional Movers and Logistics Team

A convenient all-in-one-service. Spaceship has its own in-house moving service, so you'll only need to deal with one single party. Now, it's not just a vehicle, driver, and labour, the moving team are professionals, well trained, and takes more care in protecting your items.

More than just the basic moving service, the moving team focuses alot of safe item handling, and accountability of your items. Here's a summary Spaceship's Move To Storage service.


Great Customer Reviews, Beyond Just Customer Service

From the customer reviews on Google, Spaceship, unlike the other customer reviews of the other storage companies (which focus a lot on customer service), has a lot of comments on the convenience of an end-to-end service, the high quality moving service provided, and the coordination from pre-move, to the day of the move to storage.

Reviews that extend beyond the basic 'helpful, polite, professional customer service', now that should be the benchmark for quality service. Read the reviews

Great for Shopee/Lazada Sellers and Businesses

Hands down, if you are a seller, wholesaler or distributor, this is your #1 choice. More than just storage, the full suite of 'free' facilities, and on-site services ranks Spaceship way above the others on the list.

Spaceships' micro-urban fulfilment centre, built specifically for sellers, provides not just storage, but also facilities, equipment and services for you to fulfil and ship orders.

Storage Options:

  • Door-to-door Storage (pick up, store and deliver)
  • Self Storage (Ambient)
  • Self Storage (Temperature Control)
  • Locker Storage
  • Microfulfilment Centre with Shared Facilities (For sellers and businesses)

Extra Services:

  • In-house professional moving service & disposals
  • Fleet of trucks, vans, and drivers
  • Shared fulfilment facilities for sellers & businesses
  • Workspaces with Wi-Fi


Spaceship's Singapore Storage Price (Feb 2024) - View All Prices

Spaceship's Door-to-Door storage prices are the lowest as compared to the other storage companies in the top 4. Based on 6 months of storage:

Location Size Monthly Fee (After discount) Monthly Fee (After discounts)
Door-to-Door 20 sqft S$ 99 S$ 72
Door-to-Door 60 sqft S$ 243 S$ 189
Eunos (Self Storage) 80 sqft S$ 361 S$ 238
Ang Mo Kio (Self Storage) 120 sqft S$ 412 S$ 266

Note: prices listed above are before GST.


Spaceship Customer Review

“Such professional services rendered by these guys here. Job is so well done very wonderfully. I shall declare (that) Spaceship is the most efficient one-storage service. From packing to picking up to moving to retrieval of boxes after storage, they even send it (your items) to you at your own convenience. What else should we ask from them? Everything seems enough and they made the impossibles POSSIBLE. My salutes to the guys who help in the services, especially to the ones who carried out all the hard work - the understanding delivery guys. They were awesome during their services yesterday - Friendly, helpful & polite. Everything was according to schedule. Love Spaceship! 

Read Review:


Contact Details: 6220 0126 

Whatsapp: 97236981

Operating Hours: 




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#2: Extra Space Asia Storage Facilities in Singapore

Extra Space is one of the largest self-storage operators in Asia. Founded in 2007, Extra Space has 74 facilities across Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan, with over 1.5 million square feet of storage space. In Singapore, Extra Space has 11 self-storage locations.

Well Reputed Storage Operator

Chances are, you would have seen their storage facilities. Big storage buildings painted blue and red, with the Extra Space logo. Their growth over the years is a testament to the good storage service they provide to their customers

Great Customer Service

Extra Space has a very high number of Google Reviews. I counted. 2,150 reviews across their 17 storage locations, with a score of no less than 4.8 / 5. Well done. From their reviews, the common phrases used are "good customer service", "salespeople who explain well", and "professional and patient".

Parking at the Storage Facility

For those who will be driving to/from the storage facilities to access their items, parking is typically a consideration. Extra Space's facilities have ample parking lots, and parking is mostly free. For transport trucks, ample space has been allocated for loading/unloading.


Extra Space Prices in Singapore For Storage Space

Extra Space storage prices are typically benchmarked against the overall industry. They are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive. Fair price. Occasionally, they run good discounts, and you might snag a good deal. 

Location Size Monthly Fee (After discount)
Toh Tuck 82 sqft S$ 424.12
IMM Building 82 sqft S$ $451.98


Storage options:

  • Self Storage (Ambient environment)
  • Self Storage (with Aircon)
  • Wine Storage
  • Valet Storage (by the box)

Extra Space Customer Review

"We had a pleasant experience and interaction with Alice Chin. She was very patient with us as we wanted to see a few unit sizes. She was also very clear and concise with her explanations and the cost breakdown, insurance, and assorted paperwork needed. The facilities are clean and suit our needs. Price is the most competitive compared to other storage facilities”

Read Review:

Extra Space Storage Space in Singapore

  • Extra Space Asia Ang Mo Kio
  • Extra Space Asia Eunos Link
  • Extra Space Asia Boon Keng
  • Extra Space Asia Hillview
  • Extra Space Asia IMM Building
  • Extra Space Asia Kallang Way (MacPherson)
  • Extra Space Asia Marymount (Bishan)
  • Extra Space Asia Toa Payoh
  • Extra Space Asia Toh Guan
  • Extra Space Asia West Coast (Toh Tuck)
  • Extra Space Asia Woodlands


#3: Work Plus Store Storage Service in Singapore

Work+Store was launched in 2015 and has 6 storage facilities in Singapore Today. They have continuously innovated and offered more value-added services to their customers than most of the other self-storage companies.

Clean & Vibrant Storage Environment

We visited 3 of Work+Store's storage locations. Overall, the facilities are well-lit, well maintained and clean. There is some vibrancy and it doesn't feel like a typical dull industrial self-storage facility.

Good for Business Storage & E-Commerce Fulfillment

Each facility has a shared communal workspace. There are free-to-use areas with packing tables that are set up for sellers to pack their online & offline orders. As a seller, you can choose a smaller unit and use the communal area for fulfilling orders - effectively saving on monthly fees. Free extra space!

Storage Units With Individual Wall-mounted AC

Work+Store has a storage option of storage units with individual air-con that are activated with motion sensors. While most typical storage facilities are decently ventilated, once you start physically moving items, you'll soon be battling against heat and perspiration. Having an in-room AC is a huge plus.


Work+Store Storage Prices in Singapore (Feb 2024)

Work+store units are competitively priced. They also have good discounts for long-term storage. For example, they recently ran a promotion in Sep 2023, where new customers get 2 months free for a commitment period of 12 months.

Unlike Extra Space and Storhub, Work+store allows their users to enjoy the discounts, without mandating that prepayments are required. This helps you save on your initial cash outlay. 

Location Size Monthly Fee (After discount)
Ang Mo Kio (Self Storage) 145 sqft S$ 510.00
Eunos (Self Storage) 145 sqft S$ 546.43 


Work+Store Storage Space in Singapore

  • Work+Store @ Ang Mo Kio
  • Work+Store @ 100 Eunos
  • Work+Store @ 202 Kallang Bahru
  • Work+Store @ Aljunied
  • Work+Store @ Bukit Merah

Work+Store Customer Reviews

We have rented a space here. This place is amazing - clean space, covered utilities, well-maintained corridors and bright warehouse space. Our entire viewing experience was elevated by Sheryl, who gave us very detailed information on each of the spaces that she showed us. They have accommodated our needs and made our transition to this warehouse with much ease. Prices are reasonable and there are some professional services which are available at this warehouse if you are okay to fork out a bit more!

Read Review:


#4: Storhub Storage Facilities in Singapore

Storhub is the OG of self-storage in Singapore, with its first facility launched in 2003! Today, Storhub is the largest storage operator in Singapore with 18 storage facilities across the island. Just like Extra Space, you'll easily notice their storage buildings - large buildings painted in orange and blue.

Good Parking

Parking is mostly free at Storhub's various locations. There are ample parking lots, so this makes parking convenient. 

Individual Alarms For Enhanced Security

Apart from the standard security setup that all self-storage facilities have, Storhub has also invested in individual alarms for each storage unit. If your unit gets broken into, an alarm will sound.

Large Storage Facility

Storhub's storage facilities are huge. Large buildings that are mostly entirely for self-storage. There are loading bays, large-sized cargo lifts, and decent-sized walkways between units to shift goods in and out. 


Storhub Storage Prices in Singapore For Storage Space

As the largest storage operator, Storhub's storage prices are relatively competitive. Like other storage operators, Storhub usually has monthly promotions that benefit customers who want to commit for a fixed duration and are willing to make upfront prepayments. An example of a promotion will be "free 1 month of storage with 3 months of prepayment"

Location Storage Size Monthly Fee (after discount)
Kallang 68 sqft $367.70
Tampines 75 sqft $380.04


Storhub's Storage Options:

  • Self Storage (Ambient)
  • Self Storage (24/7 Air Conditioned)
  • Wine Storage


Storhub Customer Review

The service was friendly and professional. We were given an excellent tour of available units and helpful tips about optimizing our storage needs and everything was handled with a clear explanation.

Read Review:


Storhub Storage Locations in Singapore

  • Storhub Hougang 
  • Storhub Woodlands Loop
  • Storhub Bukit Batok
  • Storhub Bukit Batok No.9 
  • Storhub Changi
  • Storhub Changi 25A
  • Storhub Hougang (91 Defu Lane)
  • Storhub Jurong East
  • Storhub Jurong West
  • Storhub Kallang Avenue
  • Storhub Marsiling
  • Storhub Marsiling (Riverside Road)
  • Storhub Serangoon
  • Storhub Tampines
  • Storhub Toa Payoh (743 Lorong 5)
  • Storhub Toa Payoh (615 Lorong 4)
  • Storhub West Coast
  • Storhub Yishun



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Full List Of All The Storage Companies We Reviewed

FWIW, here is the full list of the other storage companies that we researched but didn't make it to the top 4:


Choose a Storage Company that is GST registered

Now, companies in Singapore can choose to be GST registered. However, once you get to SGD 1 million a year in revenue, it is mandatory for the company to be GST registered. 

It is best to choose a storage company that is reputable, and of a certain size in revenue. A higher revenue means that there are more customers using the storage service of that storage company - proof points. 

A storage company that is not GST registered typically means they are of a smaller scale, or are just starting out (hopefully not under-declaring their revenues!). Operationally, things may not be so well run yet. And there are many other risks. 


IMPORTANT: Avoid Storage Services Provided by Moving Companies

We chose not to review storage provided by moving companies.

Generally, moving companies offer storage services to complement their moving service. However, unlike typical self-storage companies, moving companies do not have storage facilities with the basic storage requirements (clean, well-ventilated, secured).

Moving companies typically charge storage by the amount of space used in the vehicle. On a like-for-like comparison of sqft of space used, Moving Companies' storage prices are cheaper than Storage Companies.

The ugly side is that when your items are brought to their storage area, they will stack your items to as high as they can, to save the amount of space used. This is dangerous and the risk of your items being damaged is high

Moving companies may offer cheaper storage than storage companies, but the type of storage they provide is different. 

If the price is cheap, there must be a trade-off somewhere.

Additionally, if you want to have a couple of items returned to you, the moving companies will typically not provide this service. You'll have to wait till you want all your items returned back.

How to tell if the moving company is masking itself as a storage company?

1. The company is not GST-registered

2. Names of the owners and employees are hard to find online

3. Offer storage service without doing an inventory of your items, and/or offer an in/out service without any partial item retrieval

4. Terms of use of service are not available online and/or are extremely vague

5. Lacking of insurance policies to protect you if items get damaged or go missing


Frequently Asked Questions on Storage Space in Singapore

Finding storage for your items is actually pretty easy. If this is your first time, you might be unfamiliar and have a bunch of questions.


How much does storage cost?

Storage prices vary based on location, size of the unit, and the length of duration you want to store for. For a simple benchmark, storage fees would typically be around $380 to $450 for 100 sqft of storage space.


Cheapest storage in Singapore?

Issn't storage all the same? Shouldn't I choose the cheapest option?

We do not recommend taking up storage with Moving Companies. Your items are stacked to as high as possible so that the Moving company can save on space, but you'll still be charged for the 'space you used'. Security is lacking, and very often items are damaged or have gone missing.

"Cheapest in Singapore, 30-40% cheaper that others"

Run away if you see a company advertising this!

You'll always be able to find alternatives at either lower or similar prices. Deceptive marketing.

On the topic of finding the cheapest option: choosing the cheapest option very often means there's a hidden trade-off somewhere. Even if the reviews seem okay, take extra care. We know of instances where customers were threatened or were compensated to remove negative reviews.

Unless you're planning to store items like construction materials, (or onions), we highly recommend that you choose a storage company that is well-reputed, rather than one that is the cheapest.


Differences between a traditional warehouse and Self Storage

A lot! Traditional warehouses offer long-term space, with commitment periods starting from 1 year. The size of space is typically larger, from 1,000 sqft onwards. The warehouse is typically bare, you might not even have power points. You'll usually need to open an account with a power utilities provider. The only form of security - door locks.

Self Storage, on the other hand, is smaller in size. You can rent a self storage unit from as short as a month, to a longer commitment period - more flexibility for you. Lights, utilities, power, and surveillance cameras are all in place.

At Spaceship's micro-urban fulfilment, Wi-Fi, equipment (trolleys, pallet jacks, roller cage trolleys), communal spaces, pest control are provided, and more.

Renting a Self Storage unit will of course be more expensive on a per sqft basis, probably at least 2-3x. However, the flexibility of the commitment term, and the move-in ready condition, fully justifies the higher price. In fact, it is common to find storage facilities being more than 90% occupied, and you might even have to queue to get a storage unit of the size you want.


Self Storage or Door-to-Door Storage

There are two main types of storage options: Self Storage and Door-to-Door Storage

Self Storage provides a dedicated space to store your items. You rent a storage unit and move your items in (on your own). Units are available in a range of sizes. The storage facility usually has 24/7 CCTV surveillance, and access is restricted to existing customers with access codes or access passes.

You'll have a lot of freedom and flexibility in how you want to store your items. But you'll have to manage the move-in, and move-out process yourself. To retrieve items in storage, you'll need to travel to the storage facility and do the heavy lifting.

Door-to-door storage is a convenient storage alternative. The storage provider manages the pickup, delivery and return. In cases where you do not want to pack your item, the company will do it for you. You won't have to visit the storage facility in person. 

The items stored will be inventoried, and you can manage/retrieve your items by logging into your online account. 

Some moving companies have branded themselves as door-to-door storage companies and have marketed themselves to be the cheapest in the industry. 30-40% cheaper. 

But these guys are playing the dirty game of quoting you a larger space than what you actually use, or are stacking your items very high up that it is extremely risky, while still charging you for space that you thought you were allocated.


Are storage companies secure?

Yes, reputed Self Storage companies and reputed Door-to-Door storage companies generally have security measures in place including 24/7 CCTV, restricted access by access code only, and fire sprinklers.

However, not all follow industry standards. You'll have to do extra research to ensure that the storage operator you choose has at least the basic requirements.


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