5 Affordable Warehouse Storage For Rent in Singapore

Finding warehouse storage space to rent is usually foreign and new for most people and businesses. Plenty of questions and uncertainties.

We've written this article to help you better understand the various warehouse storage (and logistics services) options we have at Spaceship.


What are the various types of warehouse storage space for rent in Singapore?

At Spaceship, we provide a full suite of warehouse storage services (and logistics) for individuals, offices, and businesses. The key differences are:

  1. You manage, or, we manage for you
  2. The environment/setup of the storage warehouse. Bare units, units with AC, access to power points, and access to logistics facilities.
  3. The type of logistics services provided (pick/pack/ship, last mile deliveries, professional moving service, etc)

With over 10,000 users and 300,000 sqft of warehouse space, we have different warehouse storage plans based on the (a) type of items you have, (b) the logistics services required, and (3) your use case. Here are the 5 types of warehouse storage plans:

  1. Door-to-Door Storage
  2. Self Storage Units
  3. Warehouse with Managed Logistics
  4. Micro-fulfillment Centres (Co-warehouse)
  5. Storage and order Fulfillment Service (For Brands and Sellers)


1. Door-to-Door Storage (We pickup store and deliver) - View Prices Here

  • For Who: Household & Offices 
  • Use Case: Renovation, Relocating, In Between Homes, Free Up Space

This is by far the most convenient and cost-effective option. Over 80% of our households and office users choose this option.

Summary: All-in-one convenient service

  • Flexible monthly warehouse storage space with sizes starting from 20 sqft upwards, up to 500 sqft
  • Min. 1 month commitment period, billed monthly
  • Move to storage service: Professional movers, stretch film wrapping + enhanced protective wrapping, barcode scanning
  • Online dashboard to view and manage stored items
  • Easy online booking. Select some or all of your items, and we'll send it back to you


Spaceship is the largest Door-to-Door storage provider in Singapore. 600+ Google Reviews, 4.9 /5.0. Read Reviews Here

I've written an overview of the Move to Storage service and how it compares with alternatives. More details here.


2. Self Storage (Small Warehouse Space For Rent) 

  • For Who: Household & Offices & General Business Items
  • Use Case: Renovation, Relocating, In Between Homes, Free Up Space, Storage for Goods

This type of warehouse storage is a self-access, self-managed enclosed storage unit with 24/7 access. Use your padlock and manage the movement of the items in/out of the warehouse storage unit. (Learn More)


Spaceship's Self Storage Facilities in Singapore - Video Tour



  • Your own small enclosed warehouse storage unit, 24/7 access
  • Secured warehouse storage facility with CCTV surveillance, entry by Access Card
  • 3 types of warehouse storage units to choose from:
    • Basic: Lights only
    • Basic (AC): Lights with temperature control
    • Plus: Lights, in-room dedicated air conditioner, access to power outlet
  • Storage sizes from 12 to 800 sqft (can take up multiple units)
  • Location: Eunos, Ang Mo Kio, Keppel Road


We've recently researched 25 storage facilities in Singapore and shortlisted the top 4. Here are the top 4 Storage Companies in Singapore 


3. Warehouse Storage Space with Managed Logistics (Learn More)

  • For Who: Businesses with items on pallets. Cates. Equipment, Supplies. Marketing & Event Items. 
  • Use Case: B2B Goods, Project Supplies, Marketing Teams

No need to worry about over-committing to a certain size, or if you have items that exceed the space that you signed for. Storage is billed monthly, based on the size of space used.

Warehouse pallet storage


  • Non-accessible storage space with logistics services
  • Send items directly to us, and we'll inbound, inspect, take a stock count
  • Arrange for outbound / deliveries online. Select the items and we'll pick, pack, and ship. Use our delivery service or arrange for your delivery service
  • Book B2B deliveries online and track your shipment
  • All your items and inventory quantities are updated with each in/out movement and are available on your online dashboard
  • Arrange for custom work orders when required (kitting, bundling, labeling, etc) and we'll handle the rest
  • Logistics services are paid on a per-use basis. No need to commit to additional manpower

Simple storage prices, simple logistics prices. Highly competitive rates.



4. Micro Fulfilment Centres (Co-Warehouse) - Shared Logistics Facilities (Learn More)

  • For Who: B2B & B2C Brands, Merchants, Sellers (Lazada, Shopee, Shopify, etc)
  • Use Case: Storage & Carrying Out Order Fulfilment of E-Commerce Items, Offline Orders, Supplies

For brands, merchants and online sellers who want to manage your orders and inventory on your own, this is the perfect space for you. Billed in a single monthly fee, you'll get more than just a warehouse space.

storage space in sinagpore for ecommerce


  • Enclosed storage units fitted with storage shelves
    • Add on storage units as your business grows, or when you have stock overflow during peak periods
    • Storage units sizes from 12 sqft to 300 sqft (can take up multiple units)
  • Access to onsite shared logistics facilities
    • In/Outbound holding area, packing stations, carrier designated shipping zones (NinjaVan, J&T Express, SpeedPost, Shopee Express, QExpress, DHL, etc)
  • Access to onsite shared logistics equipment
    • Pallet Jacks, trolleys, picking bins, shipping label printers, packing equipment, air pillow machines, weighing scales, etc
  • Operating and work facilities
    • Work desks, Wi-FI, Air Conditioning, lights, meeting rooms, photo studio, live-streaming studio
  • Location: Keppel, Ang Mo Kio, Eunos

Wait, all of that? 

If you are a small brand, merchant, or online seller looking to level up, you need to visit our Micro-Fulfilment Centres to truly truly understand how the space can make your daily operations a lot easier.

Zero set-up cost, move-in ready. See More Details


5. Order Fulfilment Service (Storage & B2C Order fulfillment. Pick pack ship)

  • For Who: B2B & B2C Brands, Merchants, Sellers (Lazada, Shopee, Shopify, etc)
  • Use Case: Wants a scalable logistics and cost solution to storage, order fulfillment & deliveries without having to do everything on your own


This option is for brands, merchants, and sellers who want a scalable option for their day-to-day operations. Storage, inventory, and logistics are managed for them.


Spaceship storage and order fulfilment


  • Flexible storage based on items that you store
  • Inbound, goods receiving, inspection, order picking & packing, shipping
  • Free inbound, single fee for outbound (pick pack ship)
  • For online sellers, a single click to connect your online shops (Shopify, Lazada, Shopee, TikTok) via direct API  to our order fulfillment software
  • Orders and products are automatically synced
  • Return orders management


Which warehouse storage space is suitable for me?

There are many considerations, but the first thing you'll need to figure out is: 

Do you want to manage everything on your own, or do you prefer a managed service? 

On a per unit basis (e.g. cost per warehouse storage sqft space), a managed service may seem more expensive, but when you factor in that you'll need significantly less space, very often you'll realize that there are significant cost savings. You'll need less space, spend less time, and well, things are just a lot easier.

For an easier representation, here's a simple table of the type of warehouse storage plan that is suitable based on the type of items:

Type of Items For Storage Warehouse Storage Space

Personal household/office items

  • Door to Door Storage
  • Self Storage

Pallets of items, crates, marketing events, equipment, supplies, project materials

  • Warehouse Storage With Managed Logistics
  • Self Storage

Retail/E-commerce Products & Inventory

  • Order Fulfilment Service
  • Micro Fulfilment Centre

Other Types of Items

  • Contact us




Need Help With Warehouse Storage?

Our storage specialist will assist in estimating the size of space that you need and prepare a storage quote


How much does it cost to rent a small warehouse storage space?

Our warehouse storage prices vary based on size and type of warehouse storage plan. Additionally, we provide custom discounts depending on the size of space required. 

Speaking to one of our Warehouse Storage specialist is the easiest way to get an estimate of the warehouse storage rental prices.

Generally, prices for renting a warehouse storage space with Spaceship is highly competitive, and of great CP value when you compare the quality of the service, the user experience, the customer service levels, and our software stack.

Warehouse Storage Plan Examples of Monthly Rental

Door to Door Storage

20 sqft: $72 / mo

80 sqft: $238 /mo

Self Storage

80 sqft: $238 / mo

120 sqft: $266 / mo

Warehouse with Managed Logistics

Pallet / 20 sqft: from $55 / mo

Retail Fulfilment

Storage (for a XS item): $0.40 / mo / item

Inbound: Free

Outbound (for a XS item): $1.80 + 0.80 per subsequent item

Micro Fulfilment Centre

Contact Us


How do I get started with renting a storage warehouse with Spaceship in Singapore? What are my next steps?

If you are still at the early discovery stage, it is okay to enquire on prices for renting a warehouse storage space.

What's important, is that you understand the details of the warehouse storage space, and also a rough estimate of the costs of getting a warehouse storage space for rent.

Here are some of the next steps:

1. Fill out a Get A Quote form, or call us directly at +65 6220 0126

2. We'll work with you to figure out the right Warehouse Storage Service and give you an estimation of the costs

3. If you are choosing the Self Managed option, we'll invite you for a tour of our facility and the warehouse space

4. Receive a quotation from us on warehouse storage plus any logistics services

5. Evaluation and decide





Get A Free Warehouse Storage Quote

Our storage specialist will help you get a quick estimate of prices



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