How to pack artwork for storage

Moving your art pieces into storage or a new home can be stressful. Art pieces are fragile and without proper padding, the canvas can tear easily. Art pieces can come in many forms, from valuable collectibles to our children's drawings from many years ago. Regardless of the artist, we want to ensure no to minimal distortion when transporting it to a new location. So we created a short video to show you how we at Spaceship Storage do it.

How to wrap and pack art pieces for storage 



Things you'll need

  1. Bubble wrap
  2. Pen knife
  3. An extra pairs of hands
  4. Musking tape
  5. Transparent tape

Step 1: Find a table

 Lay  some bubble wrap down flat  on an elevated platform like a table. This makes it easier for your to wrap your art piece while standing. 

Step 2: Position art piece on bubble wrap

Place one art piece on top of the bubble wrap. Position it in the center. 

Step 3: Wrap the art piece

Cover the art piece with bubble wrap and cut of the excess with a scissors or a pen knife. Do this slowly. It may be difficult to cut through bubble wrap if you have not done it before. If you'll like to be extra careful, we will advise for you to place a styrofoam sheet on the front of the painting to ensure that you won't accidently cut through the painting when you're unwrapping. 

Step 4: Tape it down 

Use tape to secure the bubble wrap. Use as much as you like. However, we advise for you to use tape sparingly. This ensures that removal of the bubble wrap will be easy. As a subsitutite to transparent tape, you can use magic tape. They are more expensive but they come off more easily. 

Step 5: Get a suitable box

You want your art pieces to have as little movement as possible during transportation. Therefore, finding a suitable box that fits your art pieces snuggly is crucial. In the video, we have made an elongated box from our standard carton box. 

Step 6: Tape it up and we're ready to move

Repeat step 1 to 5 for the second painting and place both paintings in the box. Secure your box with some musking tape and you're ready for your move! Remeber to label your box so that you'll know which painting is in which box. Bonus tip: If you know where you are going to place the art pieces next, label it on the box too. It'll be easier for your movers when unloading your items. 

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