What is Valet Storage?

Posted by Jean from Spaceship on Sep 7, 2017 6:31:09 PM
Jean from Spaceship

Valet storage is the new way of storage in this sharing economy. As Airbnb allows people to rent out their homes for travellers, valet storage companies allow people to share a single warehouse space for their items. As the name suggest, there is a valet system imbued into valet storage, which means that instead of having people visiting a self-storage unit themselves, a delivery person will come by to pick up their items for storage and return it when they need it. Just like when you leave your car to a valet at a car park.

Some of the biggers names in the US includes MakeSpace and Clutter, they help increase mobility of families across the US. In Asia, startups like Boxful and Spaceship have been helping families declutter their homes to create more space in land constrained countries. 

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How is valet storage different from traditional self-storage?

Valet storage differs greatly from self-storage in a few aspects. Namely, flexibility, accessibility, convenience, security and affordability.

Flexibility - Valet storage allows you pay only for space you use

For most self-storage units, the units comes in fixed space like 60 square feet, 150 square feet, etc. Often, it is hard to estimate how much space you need, especially if you are a first-time storage user. The process is as such for self-storage units. You think of getting storage space when you are relocating or renovating and head to the nearest self-storage unit to enquire about price and see the units that are available. The friendly sales person offers you a discount if you signed up immediately and you think to yourself, since I'm getting a discount, I should get a bigger storage unit just to be safe. And you end up paying more every month than you actually have to. In the case of valet storage, you pay for the space you use. As most valet storage companies are ran by young and aspiring entrepreneurs, they are usually quite malleable.

Accessibility - Valet Storage is not available around the clock

If you need your items in the depths of the night when no one is watching, self-storage is definitely for you. You get your own secure lock, some even has a bio-metric security system so you can go have access to your items in storage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Valet storage companies usually have warehouses in remote areas of the city where the cost of land is significantly cheaper so that they can pass cost savings to the consumer which makes accessibility limited to standard operating hours. On the upside, valet storage will mostly return you items within 48 hours upon request. That said, you don't have to up haul all the items you have in storage, they will search and find the item that you have selected on their mobile app and bring it back to you.

Convenience - Valet storage removes the pain of moving

This aspect - valet storage wins hands down. It removes the travel time and the effort taken to move your items from your home to the self-storage unit. Valet storage hires professional movers to help you move all your belongings quickly and efficiently. They will even help you with the labelling to ensure that nothing goes missing. Imagine living in an apartment with narrow walk ways or pavements that are littered with potholes. Having an inexperienced person move bulky, household items can be time consuming and slightly dangerous.

Security - Valet storage has a centralised security system

Without having to pay for structure and partitions like in self-storage units, valet storage saves on a lot of architectural cost. That said, imagine an empty warehouse segmented by pallets. Your items will be compartmentalised and consolidated in a dedicated space, making it seemingly less secure than a self-storage unit where only you have access to your items. Valet storage hires the help of CCTV to monitor its warehouses around the clock and usually have one or two on-site security officers to take over the rein when technology fails.

Affordability - Valet storage is 2X cheaper than self-storage

As mentioned, a lot of cost is saved through leasing warehouse is less prime areas and not having to furbish the warehouse which makes valet storage significantly cheaper than traditional self-storage.




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