10 Reasons to Use a Self Storage Facility

We will use self storage at different stages in our life.

From birth, aging, illness to death, constant changes in life bring about constant changes in our needs for space. Our interaction and dynamics with space change. Self-storage services come in handy whenever these changes occurs, it allows us to increase space capacity in the short term almost instantly. 

More often than not, self-storage is an essential part of life changes like when we are moving into a new house, it only makes practical sense  to store that huge sofa and bulky fridge in this situation. 

Other times, self-storage represents a lifestyle and an attitude towards life. We may bear with the clutter at home but we pay to have them stored away for the comfort of more space for breathe and moving around.

Regardless of the motivation, there are 10 reasons why you may use a self storage facility throughout lifetime. And here's how.

10 reasons to use a self storage facility

1. Students having school breaks

Self Storage - Student School HolidayIf you have studied in places away from home, you will understand the moving pain so well. When an academic year ends, students are usually asked to empty their rooms before they go back home. 

Since most items students have in their rooms will be used again in the next semester, storing them away with self storage is a clever and preferred way to bringing them home.

Items to be stored: usually books, stationary and clothes.
Services desired to have: a considerate help with transportation apart from storage service is much welcomed since students usually do not have cars.

2. Working adults relocating for work

When you start workig, there are chances that you will be assigned to work in other places for some time. If you want to save lease in the current apartment, you can engage self storage to store you belongings at a cheaper price.

Once you return from the business assignment, you can easily retrieve all items.

Items to be stored: personal belongings

Services desired to have: secure storage space, transportation (for some people)

3. Marketers managing offline campaigns and events

If you are a marketing professional, you probably understand the hassle of driving events, initiatives and campaigns. These require as much labour work as brain work, if not more.

On the one hand, your office space may not be able to store huge marketing items such as two-meter-tall standees and structure of booths. On the other hand, transportation and logistics management on the event day can also cause lots of stress.

Self storage is the solution to storing your marketing collaterals. Since self-storage requires one to handle everything from item packing, moving and collection, you may contact logistics company or valet storage to help.

Learn More about Marketing Storage

Items to be stored: marketing collaterals

Services desired to have: storage space, inventory labelling and management, on-demand in-time item deliveries

4. Executives running out of space for office documents

Self Storage - Document

If you are an office manager, you may be struggling with piles of documents that take up much office space.

Although recent years has seen fast growth of digitalization of business process in Singapore, your company may have accumulated lots of documents in the past.

When your office reach apoint where all shelves and cabinets are filled with heaps of documents and new files are still coming in, it may be right time for you to think about self storage.

In this way, you delegate the task of safekeeping documents to professionals so you can enjoy a free mind and spacious office space.

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Items to be stored: documents, office equipments

Services desired to have: storage space, transportation, packing (maybe)

5. Retail business owners storing merchandises

Self Storage - Ang Ku Kueh Girl

When you decide to take the wave of e-commerce and become a SME business owner yourself, you may need to use self storage service, especially when your goods are large units like furniture that cannot be stored at home.

However, depending on the duration of your sales cycle and turnover rate, you may need to constantly access storage sites to collect goods and deliver to your customers.

With this in mind, you may want to choose a storage facility near your place to save time on item retrieval. Another way, which can make your life a lot easier, is to engage valet storage service. Some good valet storage companies like Spaceship offer comprehensive services including last-mile delivery and inventory management.

Look no further, many local companies such as Ang Ku Kueh Girl are enjoying integrated storage and logistics service provided by Spaceship.

Learn More About Retail Storage

Items to be stored: merchandise and inventory

Services desired to have: storage space, transportation, inventory labelling and management, on-demand in-time item deliveries

6. Newly-weds moving into a new house

After you join workforce, you may soon enter the altar of marriage with your partner.


For many Singaporeans, what happens right after getting married is buying a new home and moving in.

Some hassles can occur before you can comfortably move into your new home. If you have moved out from your old home, yet the new house is still under renovation, you need self storage to store items. Or if you will no longer use some old furniture in the new home yet you have not decided whether to sell them or give them away, you need self storage.

If your need to store your chairs in self-storage facility, learn how to pack them here.

Items to be stored: furniture, personal items

Services desired to have: storage space, transportation

7. Expectant parents creating space to welcome new babies

Self Storage Newborn

Your newborn is about to pop into this world.

With careful planning, you decide to turn the current guest room into a baby room. Before baby cradle, toys and baby clothes come in, you may need to clear out the furniture and items in the guest room and keep them in self storage facility.

Later on, when your family grows big and the house is getting packed with all kind of items, you are ready for another move. 

Whenever there is relocation or home moving, there is a need for self storage.

Items to be stored: furniture, personal items

Services desired to have: storage space, transportation

8. Home owners leasing homes

Nowadays, property marketplaces like 99.co has made it a lot easier for us to rent houses.

If you wish to rent part or all of your house out, you may need to clean the house first to make space for tenants.

You may want to decide which items you want to keep or store away items and which one to discard. With a decluttered home space for tenants, you have a strong point to bargain for a higher rental.

Items to be stored: furniture, personal items

Services desired to have: storage space, transportation

9. Empty nesters downsizing home space

When your kids grow older and start moving out of your house, you may want to downsize your home space, since you can save a lot on cleaning, maintenance, furnishing, and outdoor home upkeep with a smaller home. You may also meet new friends in a new neighbourhood.

Since your new downsized house may not be able to accommodate all items in the previous house, you may want to call up self storage service for help.

Items to be stored: furniture, personal items

Services desired to have: storage space, transportation

10. Remembering the deceased

Self Storage - Remember the DeceasedLosing loved ones can be extremely painful experience in life and disposing their items away can feel like we are losing more about our loved ones.

That is why many people want to keep items of their loved ones in a self storage facility. When time alleviates the intensity of the pain, they can come back and recall all those wonderful time together.

Items to be stored: personal items

Services desired to have: storage space, transportation

Actually, there is a more enjoyable way to store your items…

Compared to self storage, valet storage provides a painless storage experience for you. No more travelling to the storage facility. No more carrying and moving items yourself. Valet storage does it all for you.

Furthermore, with Spaceship valet storage, you can check warehouse location of your items in our flagship app and schedule pickup and retrievals anytime anywhere.

For business people, Spaceship also offers customized inventorising services to liberate you from logistic and warehousing chores.





Photo Credit: Ang Ku Kueh Girl

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