Compare Storage Space Prices in Singapore (2024)

Welcome to our Storage Prices in Singapore (version Jan 2024). We researched storage space prices of numerous operators in Singapore, including self-storage and door-to-door storage providers. We then made a simple comparison to find the cost of storage space and ranked from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Three things to note before we get started.

First, this article is not intended to be a comprehensive research of all the storage operators in Singapore. 

Second, this research is focused on storage space for personal items or furniture, and does not include general warehousing storage, offices with storage, e-commerce fulfilment centres, nor specialised storage (AC, wine storage, bonded warehouse, etc)

If you are a business needed storage space for pallets, crates, e-commerce / retail inventory or supplies, you should read these articles instead:

Third, storage prices may change over time, and storage operators will run different discounts over time by the time you read this. 

The prices here are for reference so that hopefully you can get an initial sense of storage prices and can decide whether storage is an option worth exploring further, whilst you are in between homes.

Of course, price shouldn't be the only factor. Security, how long the storage company has operated for, the size of the business, and customer reviews are a few other things to consider.

We recently reviewed 16 storage companies, ranked them, and did a write up on the top 4 storage companies. Read it here: The Top 4 Storage Space to Rent in Singapore [2023]

Overall Approach for Comparing Storage Prices

There are many different ways one might compare prices. In this post, I compared using the following:

  • Average per sqft cost across a range of storage sizes
  • Average storage cost by home size
  • Storage cost by location in Singapore
  • Price of different storage providers in Singapore
  • Prices of storage of various sizes for Spaceship's door-to-door storage service


Spaceship Storage Prices in Singapore

Spaceship's Door-to-door storage service (valet storage) starts from 20 sqft of storage space onwards:

  • Flexible storage with multiple sizes, on a monthly basis
  • Extra discounts for long-term storage
  • >10,000 users to date
  • Online dashboard of stored items
  • Select by the item or all items when you want something returned

To learn more about our various storage services, click on the following links

Storage Size

Monthly Fee (List Price)

Monthly Fee (After Discounts)

20 sqft



40 sqft



80 sqft



100 sqft



120 sqft



140 sqft



160 sqft



180 sqft



200 sqft



220 sqft



240  sqft



>240 sqft





What Are The Storage Space Prices in Singapore?

The cost of renting a storage space in Singapore ranges from $5.2 to $6.8 per sqft feet (PSF) for storage sizes of less than 40 sqft, and $3.4 to $3.8 for sizes between 120 sqft to 200 sqft. Generally, as size increases, the cost on a PSF basis decreases.

Storage Prices in Singapore by Size

Size of Space Price per sqft 

20 to 40 sqft

$5.2 to $6.8 psf

40 to 60 sqft

$4.2 to $6 psf

60 to 100 sqft

$3.8 to $4.5 psf

120 to 200 sqft

$3.4 to $3.8 psf

>200 sqft

$3.2 psf

During your hunt for storage space, you may find operators who offer rates that are above the upper bound, as well as rates that are cheaper. There will always be variances - varying promotions run at different times, different pricing tactics for different locations, etc


How Much Will It Cost To Rent A Storage Unit?

"Ok, I get the PSF, but how much will I have to pay?"

To figure that out, you'll first need to estimate the size of space you'll need. There are online tools offered online where you list the items for storage, and it spits out a storage size.

However, these tools are really not all that smart, and deviation from the actual can be surprisingly large. At Spaceship, our storage specialists are trained and can help you get a pretty accurate estimate of size. 

But, before getting customised prices, let's use a simpler approach of average storage size per home size to get a quick ballpark estimate.

Average Cost of Storage by space used by typical home size

Home Size Space Needed Monthly Cost
1 Bedroom Apartment 20-40 sqft $120 to $240 
2 Bedroom Apartment 40-60 sqft $200 to $300
3 Bedroom Apartment 60-100 sqft $270 to $450
4 Bedroom Apartment 120-200 sqft $430 to $600
Landed Property >200 sqft $650 onwards



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Storage seems expensive in Singapore?

Paying $400 a month for a 3-bedroom apartment of personal items and furniture may seem expensive from an absolute dollar sense.

However, on a relative basis, storage in Singapore is actually inexpensive when compared to other cities in Asia. Here's what you'll have to pay for storage space of about 100 sqft in Singapore compared to other cities in Asia.

Surprising? Yes.

Comparison of storage fees in Singapore and other major cities

City Avg Monthly Fee (PSF)
Singapore $4.00
Bangkok $3.80
Hong Kong $8.30
Taiwan $5.50
Seoul $7.20


Data gathered is based on the following assumptions:

  • storage facility operators with at least 3 locations,
  • storage unit size between 80-100 sqft, 3 months commitment period, and
  • prices are after discounts.


Where to find cheap storage space in Singapore

You'll have to pay more for storage the closer you are to the centre of Singapore because the cost of land is generally more expensive.

However, there are also other factors in play. 

Storage operators typically run location-specific campaigns. In areas where are a cluster of storage providers, prices are typically cheaper as well, due to competitive pressure. 

In comparing prices across various locations, I used a simple approach:
  • Randomly selected a base location to be used for comparison against
  • Applied a common denominator using a base reference location on a 100-point index
  • Used discounted prices of any ongoing promotions
  • Eliminate the variability of size by comparing it against prices of 80-100 sqft storage unit on a PSF basis

Storage prices across various parts of Singapore

Zone Area Price Index
East Eunos 100
Tampines 112
Chai Chee 82
North Woodlands 76
Ang Mo Kio 95
West Clementi 140
Toh Tuck 114
Bukit Batok 103
South Tanjong Pagar 110
Bukit Merah 122
Central Toa Payoh 102
Balestier 150
Kallang 120
Door-to-Door Storage Not applicable 73


Door-to-door storage operators are different from traditional Self Storage providers.

As the name suggests, in addition to storage space, move-in/out services are also provided. They pick up, store, and deliver your items.

Now, technically these door-to-door operators will have a storage facility located somewhere in Singapore, but they are location/area agnostic. Storage prices are the same regardless of which part of Singapore your home is in.

See more details on how door-to-door storage works.

How Valet Storage Works in Singapore



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Who Provides Cheap Storage Space in Singapore?

Quotes were gathered from the larger storage operators in Singapore, with the following parameters:

  • Non-airconditioned storage
  • Storage units of approximately 100 sqft
  • Locations that are within 8km of the city centre
  • Storage duration of 3 months
  • Prices include any discounts offered at the time of research

Sorted by cheapest to most expensive, here are the effective PSF prices for 3 months of the largest storage companies in Singapore

Cheapest storage space in Singapore

Prices and data are based on research done at the point of writing. At the point of time reading this, there may be changes in prices and promotions offered.




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Four of the above-listed companies actually made it to our Top 4 Storage Companies in Singapore. Prices are definitely not the only consideration. Read our reviews: Top 4 Storage Space to Rent in Singapore

What are my next steps?

Now that you've gotten a sense of the prices of storage in Singapore, your next steps are:

  • Get an estimate of the size of space you need
  • Get a quote for storage of the size that you need
  • Get a quote for moving your items into storage

Spaceship provides storage with moving service, and can also help you get a pretty accurate estimate of space that you'll need.

All in one - convenient.



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