4 Cheap Small Office And Storage Space For Rent You Need To Know

Finding the right office with storage space to keep merchandise/products, documents, or marketing event items, is tricky.

There's a need to find a balance between monthly rental costs, location and the feasibility of the space to move your items in and out of your space. 

And, there are the questions of what is the right size of space, and how long a commitment duration of your rental agreement should you sign given the variability of your business.

office and storage space for rent in singapore

In this post, we reviewed 4 affordable and amazing office and storage space service providers that can help you save upfront costs, the hassle of renovations and are more affordable than traditional options.

There are also extra benefits. Workspaces today are starting to evolve to suit the changing needs of businesses.

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Top 4 Storage Space To Rent in Singapore


Summary Of Our Favourite Office Space With Storage To Rent


Hands down SpaceLabs by Spaceship.

SpaceLabs by Spaceship has a pretty cool co-warehousing concept that is designed for e-commerce businesses, merchants, Shopee & Lazada sellers. It provides not just warehousing storage space, workspace, but includes a full suite of shared order fulfilment facilities, shared logistic equipment and ALOT more.

You have the option of a co-working space or a private room and can add on storage units with flexible terms as your business needs change. This is a great cost-saving option with the flexibility to upsize or downsize as your business grows.

To top it off, by signing up you also get access to extremely discounted last-mile delivery rates.

Prices start from $280 per month. Great Value!

Learn more about this new office with storage space that is built to make order fulfilment easy for e-commerce, Lazada & Shopee Sellers.


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What Are Your Options For Renting Cheap Office Space With Storage In Singapore?


  • Traditional CBD commercial building for office with storage space

The traditional option is to find an office in a commercial building, hopefully as centralised as possible, and use part of the space as an office and part of the space for storage.

While you and your team get to work in a convenient centralised location, the trade-off is the hefty monthly rental (>$7.00 PSF).

But, paying rent on space for storage is not exactly a cost-effective method. Also, if you need storage space for bulky items (e.g. marketing event items), or keep merchandise or products, moving such items into commercial buildings is not practical.

If you sell goods (whether online or offline), you’ll be faced with huge challenges when receiving a new inbound shipment of goods, or arranging for delivery vans to pick up and deliver your merchandise. 

  • Traditional outside CBD commercial building for office with storage space

Another option is to find an office with storage space in a commercial building outside of CBD. Here, you lose the centralised location, but the monthly rentals ($3.50 to $5.00 PSF) are lower and you'll still get to enjoy that corporate image.

However, you still won't be able to move pallets of items in and out of your office unit and are still faced with the same logistics restrictions.

  • Traditional industrial building for office with storage space

And then there is the option of industrial buildings in industrial areas. Here, rent is even lower ($2.20 to $3.50 PSF), and you’ll find it easier to move and store bulky items, and ship products.

The downside? Industrial buildings are usually older, do not have a nice lobby or reception, and you'll need to incur renovation costs. 


What To Consider When Looking For An Office & Storage Space?


There is no broad-based standardized set of criteria to consider since every business is different.

Some businesses need storage space for merchandise, an office space to work, extra space for operations and some even need a mini photo studio.

Other businesses may need office space to work, storage space for products and extra space to showcase their products to customers. 

We all know that location matters, price matters, so I won’t cover these.

Getting an office with storage space requires upfront capital commitments and potentially long-term commitments. This is a big financial risk.

Here are some consideration factors that would be useful to think about: 

  • Office Space Commitment Rental Term

Traditional real estate space, whether in commercial buildings or industrial buildings operates on a 1-3 year lease model.

The size of space you sign up for is fixed, and often you’ll find yourself paying for underutilised space.

If you are a small business and anticipate changes in demand or the way your business operates, then committing to a long-term lease is risky.

What happens when you need more space? What happens if you need less space?

  • Storage And Logistics Restrictions

I've covered this above.

Some buildings are just not suited to move bulky items around. This gets worse if you sell products.

You'll face logistics challenges when you receive a new shipment of your products and another set of a challenge when you arrange for delivery partners to deliver your product.

  • Office And Storage Setup Costs

Traditional options typically come bare. You'll need to spend money to set up space.

The extra costs include the installation of lights, air-conditioning, and power points.

You'll also need to spend money getting work desks, storage shelves, and logistics equipment (for some businesses).

  • Ongoing Workspace Efforts and Costs

Setting up is the first part. You'll need to spend time and money on ongoing costs.

Again, spending money on pest control, getting the necessary property insurance, maintaining the air-conditioning units, and engaging cleaning service.

And the list of extra costs goes on.


rent work space with office and storage


What About Renting Co-working Spaces?

Co-working spaces help to lower the upfront costs, but getting a private room is pricey.

Private rooms are typically charged on a per-member basis. The larger the room, the higher the number of members you'll be charged even though you do not actually use the headcount.

You'll need to pay for the 'extra members' to get larger rooms and the effective cost of extra space for storage is not going to be cheap.

Additionally, co-working space is typically located in commercial buildings or shophouses, and then the issues of logistics restrictions are still in play.

Here are some of the articles that I've covered on co-working space. Read more:


Are There Cheaper And More Suitable Options?

Fortunately, some players realise the difficulties faced by small businesses and have innovated to provide space-as-a-service as opposed to a pure-play real estate landlord-tenant model. 

Here is a summary of 4 alternative providers of office with storage space that offer fully fitted out spaces so you won't have to spend on the renovation, bundle the monthly operating costs (utilities, Internet, etc.) into a monthly fee, and come with a few extra benefits.


1. Spacelabs by Spaceship

office space and storage space for rent in singapore

SpaceLabs is a co-warehouse facility that is designed for startups and businesses to work, store, operate and ship merchandise. Co-warehousing combines co-working space (with all its standard amenities) with warehouse storage space, shared operating equipment, shared operating facilities and shared logistics services. Unlike co-working which is typically found in centralised locations, Spacelabs is located in industrial areas, where logistics and goods movement is a lot easier.

I've written an overview of co-warehousing in another blog post which describes the type of facilities that can be found at a co-warehouse.


About The Space

  • Design: Modern industrial theme, newly renovated

  • Amenities: Internet, shelves for storage, lights, air-conditioning

  • Facilities: Reception, communal pantry, shared meeting rooms, photography studio, dispatch zone (for drop-offs and collections), shipping stations, storage units

About The Office With Storage Units

  • Size: Capacities of units range from 1 pax hot desk to 10 pax private room

  • Type of units: Coworking Space, Private fitted office, Bare units, standalone storage units

  • Pricing: From $250/month for a desk to $400/month for a private room

  • Terms: Flexible (1 month to 12 months)

  • Other benefits: CCTV surveillance, free parking, bike-sharing, umbrella sharing, discounted last-mile delivery service

Value-Added Services

  • Dispatch Centre (for parcels)

  • Last-Mile Delivery Service

  • Onsite Logistics Services


  • 100 Eunos Ave 7, Singapore 409572 (level 1)

  • 38 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2, Singapore 569511 (level 7) 

  • 43 Keppel Road (level 2)

Access Restrictions

  • Ground Floor Access: Yes

  • Pallets: Yes

  • Loading Bay/Docks: Yes

  • Cargo Lift: Yes

Contact Details


Learn more about SpaceLabs:

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2. Work+Store

cheap office and warehouse space for rent

Work+Store provides two types of spaces – office with storage spaces and self-storage units. There are various sizes of either type to cater to businesses of different sizes.

Companies can use the office & storage space to work, store inventory, pick/pack order fulfilment.

When the need arises, you can also add on additional storage units. Companies who use this space include e-commerce businesses, pop-up retailers, e-retailers, event organizers and trading companies.


About The Space

  • Design: Simple functional design

  • Amenities: 24-hour access card system, CCTV surveillance, free parking (for some locations), lights, air-conditioning

  • Facilities: Meeting rooms, reception area

About The Office With Storage Units

  • Size: Unit Sizes range from 100 sqft to 700 sqft (you can add multiple units)

  • Type of units

    • Bare units with lights, power points and air-conditioning,

    • Self-storage units with high ceiling,

    • Locker units

  • Pricing: From $300 / month per unit

  • Terms: Monthly to 3 years

  • 100 Eunos Ave 7, Singapore 409572

  • 38 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2, Singapore 569511

  • 44 Kallang Place, Singapore S339172

  • 25 Depot Lane, Singapore 109764

  • 71 Geylang Lorong 23, Singapore 388386

  • 18 Tampines Industrial Crescent, Singapore 528605

Access Restrictions

  • Ground Floor Access: No

  • Pallets: No

  • Loading Bay/Docks: No

  • Cargo Lift: Yes

Value-Added Services

  • Registered Address

  • Parcel locker service 

Contact Details


3. Mox: Co-Making Spaces For The Creatives

storage workspace office for rent in singapore for the creatives

Mox has a pretty cool concept of a ‘co-making’ space that is focused on serving the creative community. They have a variety of workspaces, and communal facilities and host community activities for the like-minded members of their community.


About The Space

  • Design: Vibrant well-designed spaces with the use of bright colours

  • Amenities: Internet, printers, lights, Air-conditioning

  • Facilities: Photography studio, sewing room, auditorium, woodworking workshops, meeting rooms, art gallery, pantry, napping room 

About The Office With Storage Units

  • Size: Unit Sizes range from single desks to private studios of 400 sqft in size

  • Type of units: Hot desk, private room, private studios

  • Pricing: From $300/month per pax to $500/month per pax


  • 451 Joo Chiat Road, Katong Point, Singapore 427664

Goods Accessibility

  • Ground Floor Access: No

  • Pallets: No

  • Loading Bay/Docks: No

  • Cargo Lift: No

Value-Added Services

  • Registered Address

  • Reception

Contact Details


4. Abiel Space +

office storage rental spaces in singapore

Abiel space provides a fully furnished and integrated work and storage area for businesses. The units typically have higher ceilings and a mezzanine is built to allow companies to have extra space to store items.


About The Space

  • Design: Modern minimalist interior office space with a mezzanine for extra storage space

  • Amenities: Internet, shelves for storage, lights, air-conditioning

  • Facilities: Communal pantry, shared meeting rooms

About The Office With Storage Units

  • Size: Unit Sizes range from 6 to 8 pax rooms

  • Type of units: Private fitted office

  • Pricing: From $1,400 / month

  • Terms: Flexible

  • Other benefits: CCTV surveillance, access card entrance, 5 mins walk to MRT, a reception area 


  • 2 Connect @ TS, 2 Pereira Road, #04-01 Singapore 368024

Access Restrictions

  • Ground Floor Access: No

  • Pallets: No

  • Loading Bay/Docks: No

  • Cargo Lift: Yes

Contact Details


If you are looking for a warehouse space to rent instead, I've written a post on the various types of warehouses in Singapore that are most suitable for startups and small businesses.

We also did a price comparison of warehouse providers which helps you quickly get an overview of warehouse rental prices in Singapore


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