Win $200*off to Store Your Christmas Decoration

Posted by Jas from Spaceship on Dec 6, 2017 3:30:12 PM

Win $200* Off Storage for a More Joyous New Years

Christmas is few days away and soon it will be the new years. Having trouble finding space to store away your Christmas Decoration? Spaceship Storage has news for you. This December, we are going big with $200* off your storage package. 

Taking out your Christmas decoration from the store room to decorate your home is followed by a tedious and tiresome store away post-Christmas. The ornaments just don't seem to fit into the box anymore and the needles of your psuedo tree is falling over all your living room floor. Tweaking back the branches back into place seems harder and harder each festive year as body weathers with age. With just 6 days to the new year's, there's just not enough time to re-organise the home. 

To alleviate every home owner's pain, we want to help you bring your joy to a full circle and give you $200* off storage package with no minimum lock in period so you can decide when's the best time to retrieve your Christmas Decorations and sort them out at your convenience. 

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5 storage space ideas for small spaces

Posted by Jean from Spaceship on Dec 4, 2017 4:09:16 PM

As HDB and condo apartments in Singapore get smaller, we need to get smarter when furnishing our homes by thinking of the end rather than the start when interior designing. Looking 5 years forward to imagine all the items that one will accumulate with new additions to the family and as we purchase more things with each pay check. Ample storage space will be crucial to ensure that our home will still look neat and immaculate in 5 years to come. Therefore, here are 10 hidden storage spaces ideas you can work with your interior designer to get built into your new apartment for an organised home in the future.

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How to Create a Facebook GIF with $0

Posted by Jean from Spaceship on Dec 1, 2017 3:09:21 PM

GIFs are a good way to capture your audience's attention among all ads that flash daily on Facebook and Instagram. You don't have to be a graphic designer to create a GIF. It only takes you as little as 30 minutes if you are just starting out, at absolutely zero cost.

At Spaceship, we want to help you #livelighter and in this article, we are going to show you how. 

Do note, it does require a few steps to produce a GIF but it is free. And it's great for non-designers and solo e-commerce owners aka ninjas to produce ads that could possibly stand out from the competition.

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Have A Merrier Christmas with Free Box Storage

Posted by Jas from Spaceship on Nov 30, 2017 5:42:20 PM

Need More Storage Space in Singapore this Christmas? Grab this Boxes Storage Plan Worth $60!

A Christmas would not be complete without lots of surprises and gifts. For all of you who are looking for safe and convenient storage solution for your belongings, Santa Spaceship hears you and is giving away one Box Storage Plan to a lucky winner. Singapore has no reindeer but Spaceship will drive its van to save you from the clutter in your house and office with 5 lovely carton boxes. What's the catch? We are looking for the most creative answer on our Facebook Page.

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Spaceship Storage - 24 Days Christmas Giveaways

Posted by Jas from Spaceship on Nov 28, 2017 7:11:06 PM

Join Christmas Facebook Contests and Grab Amazing Prizes (worth up to $200.00)

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Top 5 Home Decoration Ideas for Christmas 2017

Posted by Jas from Spaceship on Nov 28, 2017 11:07:05 AM

Christmas is coming to town in a month! How are you going to make it a special one this year? With so many amazing Christmas trinkets on the market, why not start decorating your home?

Excited about Christmas as we are, join our Facebook Contest. Read more here: /12-christmas-giveaways-in-singapore-2017

Follow these 5 decoration ideas to bring your home into Christmas mood.

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Rent Warehouse Storage Space In Singapore For Less

Posted by Jean from Spaceship on Nov 27, 2017 11:46:34 AM

Warehouse storage space might seem like a luxury in Singapore given how land scarce we are, but it is possible to rent warehouse space in Singapore for your larger items, e-commerce inventory. kitchen equipment or even household items temporarily. In Singapore, there are two distinct type of warehouses, one that is fully leased by a tenant and a shared warehouse space.

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Top 5 Frustrations of Every Event Marketer

Posted by Jean from Spaceship on Nov 21, 2017 4:06:11 PM

In our screen-filled world, event marketing has found its way back to being one of the most effective channels to grab attention from advertising bombarded consumers. Brand activation helps interrupt and disrupt passerby or invitees from the realms of social media to transport an offline experience back into the digital sphere. However, with the fanfare, over the top parties, there comes some challenges that every offline marketer will encounter from time to time and we are here to help!

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Storage Provider

Posted by Jas from Spaceship on Nov 16, 2017 4:34:34 PM

Storage service is making modern life amazingly easier! Expats can save on lease during overseas missions. Office managers can enjoy more office space with less documents piling up in the cabinets. Merchandisers can save on extra hands with inventory and goods delivery properly managed. All these are made possible with valet storage.

However, among so many storage companies in Singapore, which one is the right one for you? Think through these factors on safety, cost and convenience that before committing to a storage provider.

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Storage Solutions from IKEA online (New!)

Posted by Jean from Spaceship on Nov 13, 2017 2:35:12 PM

IKEA is now online! Here are 10 storage solutions that you can get delivered to your own home. Getting settled into a new space and organisation has never been so convenient. With Spaceship, you can view all the items you had from your previous home and find suitable organisers with Ikea Online. This makes planning packing and moving day easier. In the past, you either had to wait for all your old items to be delivered to your home, spread them out and then start buying home accessories to put them in. Which also meant that you either have to stress over delivery times or sacrifice your weekends to slowly make your house a home. Both are options of the past with recent digital transformation.

Read more: /3-life-stages-singaporean-families-faced-that-require-storage-space

Read more: /5-best-organising-tips-for-an-hdb

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