All Moving Tips You Need for Smooth House Moving

Posted by Jas from Spaceship on Feb 23, 2018 2:53:10 PM

Are you moving out of your house soon? Then you will understand well how stressing this life stage can be. If only we could rip the brick skin off the house and shift everything to the new place in Aladdin’s flying carpet!


Moving your home actually can be managed with ease and within budget, simply by applying these 10 moving tips from experts. Read on to kick off your smooth home moving :).

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9 Home Decor Items You Can't Miss for Your Well-Organised Home in Singapore

Posted by Jas from Spaceship on Feb 21, 2018 4:34:44 PM

Good selection of home decor accessories can do the magic to turn your home into a well-organised one. A home in good order can ease our mind with the feeling that everything is running smoothly. It also speaks much about the owner’s character and her attitude towards life.

Therefore, it is a great idea to look deeper into the home decor of our house and spruce it up with the help of right home accessories.

Let’s get started with Spaceship’s tips on home decor for a well-organised home in Singapore.

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10 Design Tips for Small Homes by Popular SG Interior Designers

Posted by Jas from Spaceship on Feb 15, 2018 11:29:12 AM

You just collect your key and excitedly walked into the house. Although it is not so big, it is YOURS now and you love it from head to toe. Yahoo, my sweet home! How should I decorate it? Mediterranean or romantic are lovely interior designs but minimalist is the elegant trend...

Congratulations for getting your key and your home is surely going to look awesome. Get these 10 tips from popular interior designers in Singapore that can make your small-yet-sweet home look larger.

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8 Startup CEO Tips on Productivity, Creativity & Employee Loyalty for Small Offices

Posted by Jas from Spaceship on Feb 14, 2018 9:46:57 AM

8 Startup CEO Tips on Productivity, Creativity & Employee Loyalty for Small Office

Proud to say, Singapore is a fertile land for startups that has encouraged numerous entrepreneurs (like you) to build your company from the ground up. If your business is still young and probably growing in a small office, are you always wondering 'how can I run my office better?' Specifically, 'how can I run my office so it promotes productivity, creativity and employee loyalty in my company?'

Here are some tested tips from Startup CEOs around the world. Read on to get inspired.

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5 Perfect Valentine Gifts For Your Husband or Boyfriend

Posted by Jas from Spaceship on Feb 7, 2018 10:50:46 AM

Are you aware that Valentine’s Day is coming in 10 days? I can hear some murmur: Waaaaah! What to get for my hubby?

Getting a perfect Valentine’s Gift that amazes our partner can be hard. After few hours' search you may still end up with nothing. Thus to help relieve some of your stress, Spaceship has found 5 awesome Valentine’s Gifts that may secretly steal your husband or boyfriend’s heart.

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5 SWEET Valentine Gifts Carefully Picked up by Spaceship

Posted by Jas from Spaceship on Feb 7, 2018 10:18:44 AM

Valentine’s Day is the sweetest of all celebrations. To your wife or girlfriend who accompanies you through happiness and hardship, what is the best way of saying ‘I love you’?

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10 Tips For CNY Spring Cleaning

Posted by Jas from Spaceship on Jan 31, 2018 6:17:03 PM


Spring brings new life and hope, so can your CNY spring cleaning do to your house. After one year’s hustle, your home may have accumulated some negative energy and definitely deserves a thorough cleaning to unleash bountiful positive energy.

So, why not start planning your CNY spring cleaning for 2018 now?

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5 Office and Storage Space in Singapore for Rent

Posted by Jean from Spaceship on Jan 30, 2018 4:01:45 PM

The gig economy is propelling a whole new circle of entrepreneurs and freelancers into the workforce. More and more millennials are choosing a lifestyle that allows them to fix their working hours, as well as location. With the increase in logistics efficiency around the world decreasing shipping cost, small local brands can now sell their items internationally with low barriers. For retailers who prefer to have control over their packaging and distribute from where they operate, offices that have ample warehouse storage space are a gem to find as the price of commercial office space might be too high per sqft for inventory storage.

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Infographic - Singapore Storage Service Overview

Posted by Jas from Spaceship on Jan 30, 2018 1:55:38 PM

Have you used self-storage in Singapore?

Did you have difficulty moving items out of your place and into the self storage facility?

How much does it cost overall, including the transportation cost?

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Singapore's First Co-Storage and Office Space

Posted by Jean from Spaceship on Jan 29, 2018 2:47:40 PM

With the injection of $4.4 Billion into WeWork by Softbank last year, the growth of co-working space in South East Asia is about to explode. The expansion of JustCo, the service office arm of Just Co Group with $12m raised and a partnership with Shanghai's Naked Hub, is going to make the big boys scene more interesting. Everyone wants a piece of the this "new way of work", that includes Spaceship too.

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